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10 plastic bowling pins
Plastic bowling Ball
Chalkboard/chalk (or paper/pen)
Bibles (as reference)
Masking tape (to mark where the pins go)
Trivia questions

Divide into teams (? 2 teams) (number off - boys against the girls – pick teams)
Each team answers a question. If they get it right (from memory), one person from that team gets two chances to knock down the pins. If they get it right with help of a reference (bible), they get one chance to knock down the pins. If they get it wrong, no chances.
If it is a “strike” and they have two chances to knock down the pins, set up all 10 pins again for their second chance. If they knock down 9 or less, the second attempt is with the remaining pins.
Alternate teams for the trivia
Let each person have a chance to bowl (alternate turns).

10 points for each correct answer without a reference (from memory).
5 points for correct answers with a reference.
One point for every bowling pin knocked down.

Bible Basketball Game

Basketball hoop (could be a small kids portable hoop – “nerf” hoop to hang over the door – or a full size, outside)
Basketball (to go with your hoop)
Air pump – (in case your ball goes flat during the week)
Chalkboard/chalk (or paper/pen)
Bibles – for reference
Masking tape – to make the shooting line/lines
Trivia questions

Divide into teams (? Two or three teams – number off – boys against the girls – pick teams – names out of a hat)
Each team answers a question. If they get it right (from memory), one person from that team gets two chances to make a basket. If they get it right with help of a reference (bible – or multiple-choice), they get one chance to make a basket. If they get it wrong, no chances for a basket.
(For the younger kids, they get two chances for a basket even if they use the multiple-choice or reference.)
Alternate teams for the trivia.
Let each person have a chance to make baskets. (Alternate turns)
Have each team select a “captain” that will give the final answer. (This will help so you don’t get multiple people telling you different answers.)
Encourage teamwork.

10 points for each correct answer without a reference (from memory)
5 points for each correct answer with a reference (exception for younger kids – they always get 10 points for correct answers)
2 points for every basket made

Have fun!

by Rachel Haugland Elim Lutheran Church - Randall, IA
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Bible Bowling (using bottles)


  • Bottle Pins: choices 1-litre round pop or soda water bottles (220ml), clear plastic (not coloured) with lids.
  • Number of bottles - we've used 6 bottles per team for VBS and later for Sunday School I created a Bowling Pin Mat that required 10 bottle pins (see bottom photo).
  • Bowling Ball - Large or Medium Size ball with some weight to it.  We used Dog Toys (see bottom photo).
  • Fill bottles with water - test out how different levels of water in bottle to see what works best with the bowling balls you are using. Screw on lids tight, you may choose to glue on, we didn't and have never had a leak problem yet. The water gives them weight.
  • After use:
    Storing - You may choose to empty water to store.

Game Play:
Search this site using the word "bowling" to find games that incorporate bowling into their lesson and also see above post bowling idea by Rachel Haugland.

Decorating Bottle (Pins) for a specific StoryCow Bowling Pins

  • Joseph's Dream
    I used the 1-litre pop bottles and painted them with irregular shaped black spots using black acrylic paint leftover from painting our wall murals and then attached a cow head.  Cow Head - search for a free cow head cartoon graphic on-line. Size it to around - 4 3/4" tip of nose to top of horn, 4 1/2" tip of ear to tip of ear. Print or draw (using Cow Bowling 2black marker) onto 20 lb. white cardstock, then cutout, we laminated ours so they would hold up as we were using them outside for VBS. Using a single hole punch, punch out two small holes 1" apart just above nose (where you place the holes will depend on your graphic). Thread a white garbage tie through the two holes and wrap around neck of bottle and twist firmly folding back around so no sharp points for when resetting the pins. In the photo the cow heads are facing forward, so you can see how they are attached.
  • Ideas for other stories:
    • Prodigal Son - Pigs
    • Plagues - Frogs / Cows / etc.
    • Fall of Jericho - Walls (could paint bottles in a wall brick effect)
    • Daniel - Lions
    • Parable Lost Sheep or Good Shepherd - Sheep
    • Tower of Babel - Tower of Idol Heads
    • David's Anointing
      Bowling Pins - found these cool inexpensive oven mitts at the Dollar Store (Dollarama). I pushed the thumb part into the oven mitt and slide the mitt over MC Fruit Fizz (220 ml) bottles filled with water.  These oven mitts are no longer available, but you could take a plain oven mitt and add arms and heads using stuffed nylons to the shape you need and for clothes use pieces of fabric or felt, and add  button eyes. They also would make good puppets!

      Bowling balls - are large dog toys (find at Feed Store, Pet Food Supplies, Dollar Store).

      Bowling Mat - I created the bowling mat so it was easy for the kids to reset the pins. I just took a large sheet of paper laid out my pins in an even order and then drew circles around them in pencil. Then I took a black marker and made the circles stand out.  It's laminated for durability, I just took it to an educational store that had a laminating machine. They were the least expensive way to go and did it on the spot.

      It consists of David, David's 7 brothers, and his two sisters - 10 pins.

      David is in the back row, right side.  He has his name on his chest, just written on a piece of beige painter's tape.  I also made him a sling shot out of a piece of brown felt, piece of a shoe lace, and two white pom-poms balls for stones (see bottom photo for his close-up).

Tent 2009 David Bowling 1

Tent 2009 David Bowling 2


Images (5)
  • Tent 2009 David Bowling 1
  • mceclip0
  • Tent 2009 David Bowling 2
  • Cow Bowling 2
  • Cow Bowling Pins
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