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For photos of other Jonah Whale projects and "how-to"
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The 25 foot inflatable whale pictured was made by St. James United, in Mississauga Ontario.

I took the pictures of it at different stages, laying it out and inflating it, as I thought they might be useful to others.  As you can see this one was nice and large. ~Luanne

Pictured below - laying out whale (see box fan on right, secured to a chair.)


Pictured below : Pulling up whale "hole area" and taping around top and sides of box fan (using duct tape).  Fan blows in side of whale, so it is placed on a chair for height and secured using a bungee cord around fan and chair back.


Pictured below : Side view showing whale now taped around box fan. Just to the left of fan is the vertical slit where children enter and exit whale.


Pictured below : back view of whale's tail.


Pictured below : close-up of one eye.  Use white and black duct tape.


Pictured below : inside looking towards tail. 


Pictured below : inside the whale they placed glow-in-the-dark tape around the inside parameter of the whale, the children are asked to stay inside this area (walk, stand, sit).


Pictured below : view from front, only fin on this side, due to fan on the other. Mouth white duct tape.   There are also some blue and clear plastic streamers attached to where the blow hole would be, on the top (look above eye).



For more photos and a "how-to" discussion go to


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  • _1_Whale_Flat
  • _2_Duct_taping_square_hole_in_Whale_to_Fan
  • _3_Side_View_closest_to_wall_Slit_and_Fan
  • _6_Back_View
  • _8_Eye
  • _11_Fin_from_inside
  • _13_Inside_Floor_Markings_where_children_were_to_sit
  • _16_Whale
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