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This thread is for posting your online resources for Christian fine art, modern art, Bible illustrations, and Bible graphics.

Please describe both the title of the website, as well as post the link.

Posted by member Alec Mack:

Free Bible  Huge collection of free to use copyrighted Bible images and illustrations.

Posted by member Lisa Martin:

Web Gallery of Art

You can look up artists by name, or take tours of, say, the Sistine Chapel. Their search engine also allows you to look up a topic, such as "Madonna and Child." These images run from 1100-1800 and focus on European Art. We often use fine arts to help illustrate a point we are making in our art rotation. Usually we check out library books or use some books we have on hand, but I just found some good web sources

Poster by member Neil MacQueen:

Author Jill Kemp has a number of FREE printable one-page Bible storybooks for younger children and preschoolers which use Richard Gunther kid-friendly illustrations.

NEW Testament storybooks:

OLD Testament storybooks:

These include both color and black & white story pages.


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Without a doubt, the quickest and EASIEST WAY to find illustrations and artwork for any Bible story is to SEARCH GOOGLE IMAGES. 


Quick Note about Copyrights:

US Federal Copyright Law protects the "fair use" by educators of copyrighted material in face to face, non-profit teaching use, but does not extend this right to use copyrighted material in what the law calls "public performances."

Yes, you can use any copyrighted image IF you're using it to teach in a non-profit face to face setting.

No, copyrighted images may not be used in a worship setting because the courts have determined that worship is a public "performance" (use), and not a "face to face teaching" use. The only exception would if you were critiquing/reviewing the image, but simply adorning a screen or illustrating a program cover with a copyrighted image is not "fair use."

A few websites:

The DORE woodcut Bible illustrations.

So famous and widely used that when you see them you'll say, "Oh yeah, those!"
(black and white)   Copyright free.

Art and Images from antiquity related to John's Gospel

a compilation of online images by a Jesuit priest searchable by story.

Realistic Images of Jesus

Startling set of 'realistic' images of Jesus, and some juxtaposed with modern elements by photographer Michael Belk.

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A web site with links to fine art illustrations of many stories about Jesus:

Jesus Christ - His Life and His Story

For when you are looking for an illustration of the Last Supper besides that very familiar one by Da Vinci!

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Here is a great place to search for artwork by theme, scripture citation, person, whatever:

The website description:

The Art in the Christian Tradition (ACT) database is a freely available, regularly updated visual image internet resource. Designed for scholars, students, pastors, and religious educators, all of the images may be used for educational and/or religious non-profit purposes. Images are added regularly. There are currently 4440 images in the collection.


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The Vallotton Gospel Illustrations Collection at!

illustration of Jesus and is now the official home of over 140 Gospel story illustrations by Annie Vallotton, the Swiss artist whose works famously illustrate the pages of the Good News Bible. They are being shared with the Supporting Members of by Don and Pat Griggs, who originally commissioned them from Vallotton, for your congregational use. Smaller-format versions of some of the images are available to guests and registered members. Come see the collection and learn more!

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