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Ideas for Edible Fruits

Originally Posted by julie burton:

"Incredible Edible Bible Fun" from Group Publishing has a simple recipe for "Good-Fruit Freeze." The recipe calls for grape juice but I would think orange or strawberry would work also. For each child, you put two scoops of vanilla ice cream into a resealable plastic sandwich bag and add 1/4 cup of juice. Release the excess air from the bag, then reseal it securely. Press and mix the fruit freeze until it's smooth. Open the bag, slide in a straw and sip. There is also a short lesson with the recipe.
Personally, I would use freezer bags as they are heavier
Originally Posted by Neil MacQueen:

Make fruit of the spirit pizza...
Slices of fruit on sheet of baked cookie dough.
Use sweetened cream cheese or whipped cream as the "sauce." Write with icing -the fruits of the spirit. We had each kid make their own. Very popular and memorable lesson!

Let the kids do the work. Let the kids roll out the dough and back. Let them slice the fruits. This will give you lots of time to reinforce the ideas behind the lesson, talking about each fruit, etc. 

Make fruit smoothies...

(my kids love to blenderize and experiment).
After your study, assemble fruits and label each with an idea of "what spiritual benefit" that fruit will give you if you eat it. Write these down. Experiment with various fruit blends and then settle on one to make for others in the church. Have the kids write their "fruits" meanings on big labels and attach to paper cups. Set up a 'fruits of the spirit' smoothie stand next to the coffee after worship. Create a verse banner to display at table.  

REALLY LIKE THIS OPTION: Label plates of sliced fruit with "spiritual health" meanings from Galatians 5 (patience, forgiveness,etc ) and invite members to pick fruits for a smoothie the kids will blend for them based on what they need.

Don't remember where  heard this follow-up idea but I like it:

Pass out Juicy Fruit Gum to members and kids with verses written on the inside of the yellow wrapper.


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