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“When Your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight.”

The Cooking Workshop harnesses the creative and intense sensory fun of making and eating foods to "taste and see" the Bible lesson.  Be sure to read "What is the Cooking Workshop?"  All our Bible Lesson Forums have Cooking Workshop topics full of ideas. Supporting Members should be sure to visit the Writing Team's exemplary and extra-creative Cooking Workshop lessons.

Consolidated & Updated Posts (author, ISBN, Description) by:
Neil MacQueen
Jaymie Derden


WHERE TO PURCHASE: check with your local Christian Bookstore, or through the internet try: or


NOTE: I have left in (out of print books) has you may be able to get through your local library or online used bookstores.

ANY RECIPE CAN BE ADAPTED for use with children. Check out your favorite cookbooks! Another good resource is to go to children's elementary school book fairs. Good source for art, science AND cooking idea books!

"A BIBLICAL FEAST, FOODS FROM THE BIBLE FOR TODAY" by Kitty Morse, Ten Speed Press, 1998, ISBN: 0898159652
Description: The author of seven respected cookbooks, Morse turns her attention to introducing the reader to the original Mediterranean diet, offering 50 recipes for dishes that might have been prepared in the ancient Holy Land: flatbread and goat cheese, lamb and lentil stew, barley cakes, grape honey, homemade yogurt, 118 pages, PA.

A Little Taste of God's Love" by Carol Molski, Concordia, 2001, ISBN: 0570052815
Description: Collection of 28 Bible stories, each includes a tried-and-true recipe and a craft activity to reinforce the central idea of a Bible story. Children will learn about Moses, Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, and many more.

"BIBLE FOOD" (free online book)

"BIBLE FOOD FUN":A Step-By-Step Cookbook by Lesley Wright, Leslie Wright (2000), Tyndale, ISBN 0-8423-3685-0, (out of print - try the library)
Description: Bible Food Fun is a colorful step-by-step cookbook, designed to appeal to children five years and up. From snacks to desserts, each recipe is linked to a Bible story while offering creative food ideas for parties, festive occasions, and everyday treats. Young cooks will achieve tasty and attractive results by following the clear instructions and enticing photographs.

"BIBLE LESSONS IN THE KITCHEN": Activities for Children ages 5 & up, by Elaine Magee, Chronimed Publishing (Wiley & Sons) , 1997, ISBN 0471346624
Description: Teaching kids about the Bible is a "piece of cake," thanks to these child-friendly, nutritious recipes---each tied to a Scripture lesson! Your 5- to 12-year-olds will never forget the lessons they learn as they bake "Adam and Eve Apple Pie," fashion fish-shaped pretzels, decorate hot cross buns for Good Friday, and more.

"BIBLE STORIES, FOOD AND FUN": Worship Activities for Children" by Michele Howe, A, Css Publishing, PA, 1999, ISBN: 0788015230
Description: Now you can make Bible learning for children more including snacks and activities that relate to the Bible lesson. Twenty Bible lessons...and each one includes: A Bible lesson, key verse, key thought, a snack and an activity.

"BIBLE BANQUETS WITH KIDS": 20 Scripture-Based Celebrations to Share with Children, by Cindy Dingwall, Abingdon, 2000, ISBN: 0687087910.
Description: What a treat for your 3- to 10-year-olds! Twenty creative programs teach them about important biblical events by combining Scripture with puppetry, games, art, service projects, music, and a meal. Kids will love hosting parties for their friends, parents, grandparents, or youth group, while learning about God's love. Includes reproducible pages and indexes. 192 pages, softcover.

"CREATIVE BIBLE LEARNING SCIENCE AND COOKING"by Karyn Henley, Standard. (out of print)

"COOKING WITH THE ANCIENTS": Bible Food Book, by Arlene Stadd, Glenbridge Publishing, Ltd., 1997, ISBN 0944435432
Description: In Cooking With the Ancients we will attempt to eat what they ate. Not completely, certainly not forever. But for a short time and special occasions. To create a Bible Dinner for our family and guests, entertaining strictly from the Book.

"EDIBLE OBJECT TALKS THAT TEACH ABOUT JESUS" by Susan Lingo, Standard, 2000, ISBN: 0784711844.
Description: Contains 25 awesome object / snack ideas. Read it. Discuss it. Eat it! Kids interact with the message by reading from the Bible, discussing it, and preparing simple snacks that remind them of what God said. 48 pages.

"EDIBLE OBJECT TALKS THAT TEACH ABOUT VALUES" , by Susan Lingo, Standard, 2000, ISBN: 0784711836
Description: Edible Object Talks That Teach About Values is a delicious collection of 25 life changing messages that are as attention grabbing and Bible based as they are fun to make and eat! These are solid Bible messages with clever concoctions kids whip up then nibble down. From Truffle sheep to crunchy commandment pops and no bake hope cake, kids will learn life changing bible truths and how to apply them in their lives today!

**"FOOD FUN DEVOTIONS": for Children's Ministry by Dennis & Lana McLaughlin, Group, 1999, ISBN 076442081X. OUT OF PRINT
Description: Kids love snacks, so feed them snacks...and teach a Bible lesson at the same time! Here are 40 fun activities that are snack-based and Bible-filled to use in Sunday school classes, after-school programs, or parties! Includes food crafts, food devotions, food games, food experiments, and even food service projects...all designed for use with kindergartners up to 5th graders. A must have book for teachers with hungry kids! Whole lesson plan.

"GOBBLE UP THE BIBLE": A Cookbook for kids Ages 5-12. Legacy Press, 1998, ISBN: 1885358598
Description: Kids, are you ready to get cooking in the word? With Gobble Up the Bible, you can learn to make really great food and grow closer to God as you do it. You will find food for kid-do-able meals and snacks - even some recipes that are for play only. Each food includes an activity or craft that will teach you more about the Bible.

**"INCREDIBLE EDIBLE BIBLE FUN" : Making God's Word Memorable With Easy Recipes Children Can Do, by Nanette Goings, Group (1997), ISBN 0764420011 (Out of Print-why?why?why?)
Description: Roll up your sleeves for more than 50 kid-friendly, teacher-approved recipes that make learning fun and tasty! Each recipe ties to a simple, age-appropriate devotion or project. And children will stir up their creations safely and won't need any sharp knives, hot ovens, or refrigerators. Each recipe takes just 20 minutes from start to finish. Whole lesson plan.

**"INCREDIBLE EDIBLE BIBLE STORY FUN FOR PRESCHOOLERS" By: Jane Jarrell, Deborah Saathoff, Group, 1999, ISBN 064421085, (Out of Print-why?why?why?)
Description: Here are more than 40 favorite Bible stories, each with a recipe for an easy to make, tasty treat your preschoolers can make themselves. And photocopiable recipe cards mean you can send recipes home for families to enjoy! Use these recipes building an entire lesson by adding suggestions found in each activity.

"SCRUMPTIOUS SCRIPTURES AGES 2-5" by Lynne Lepley, Rainbow Publishers, 2001, ISBN: 1885358466.
"SCRUMPTIOUS SCRIPTURES AGES 6-10" by Lynne Lepley, Rainbow Publishers, 2001, ISBN: 1885358474.
Description: Each book includes 30 exciting lessons centered on simple snacks. Choose from popular OT and NT Bible Stories as well as holiday themes. Each lesson includes: interactive Bible lesson, snack instruction, reproducible activity, memory verse, teacher tips, supply list, and prayer.

"SNACKTIVITIES!": 50 Edible Activities for Parents and Children, by Mary Ann F. Kohl and Jean Potter, Robins Lane Press, 2001, ISBN: 1589040104.
Description: (Note: not bible related) Making art that is good enough to eat-and requires no time-consuming cooking or baking- is easy with this kid-friendly approach to the kitchen. This crafty cookbook encourages children to go beyond playing with their food-like the creations of great chefs, the finished products are tasty works of art. Each activity is rated by level of simplicity and estimated time to complete. Simple instructions help parents or older children guide young ones through the preparation of fun and nutritious snacks including tomato towers, alphabet sandwiches, and dinosaur eggs. Cleaning up is made especially easy as all the art materials can be eaten, a fun fact that is not lost on budding chefs. Ages 4-8

"THE FRUGAL GOURMET KEEPS THE FEAST": Past Present and Future, by Jeff Smith, William Morrow & Co,1995, ISBN: 0688115683
Description: Neil MacQueen's Review - is a general look into the theology of food in Christianity, especially the Old Testament and Judaism. Coming from a desert people, many of these recipes are extremely simple, most have very few ingredients."

"TREATIN' KIDS RIGHT!" 70 Sweet Ways to Help Kids Feel Special" by Susan Cutshall, Standard Publishing, 2000, ISBN: 0784712387.
Description: (Note: not for cooking workshop for treat handouts, memorization, etc.) 70 reproducible messages that encourage kids in their spiritual growth, and help them to memorize scripture, attend regularly, invite their friends to church or encourage others. Includes holiday themes and treat ideas, plus a guide for tracking the usage of each message. Includes reproducible messages and suggested treats. Ages 6 to 12.

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More Than Cookies & Punch, by Tina Houser, Warner Press, 2006, ISBN 1593171625.
52 ideas, indexed by bible story!
Some really neat ideas.
Each acitivity includes:
The Goodies - Ingredients List
Gadgets & Gizmos - Utensils List
The Main Thing - Bible Story Reference & Summary
The Fun Stuff - Step by Step Instructions
Whatcha Think? Questions for Discussion
Full Color Picture of Completed Snack
Note: I like this book although it does not give you a lesson plan like "Food Fun" or "Incredible Edible", but it is definitely worth buying.

Bake Through the Bible, by Susie Bentley-Taylor, Bekah Moore, Good Book Company, 2013, 9781909559004.

Publisher's description: Contains 20 Bible stories, told in a simple, engaging style, that take your child through the whole storyline of the Bible. Each story is supported by a cooking activity that reinforces the main teaching, along with questions to discuss while cooking, and a simple recap to use when enjoying what they've cooked. Check this link to see some sample pages|1004742

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