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Creating (Decorating) A Lion's Den

I know of one church that made a room into a lion's den by lining the walls with paper bags they had split open. (You could use paper dropcloth.)

Then they asked for stuffed animals and piled them across the floor.

Several of the animals had a name of a problem around its neck.

Kids searched under the pile til they found them all and then discussed them.

Older kids did some of the LABELING and thought it was fun to go lounge on top of the stuffed animals.  Seems to me this idea could be greatly expanded on. 

Solve a stuffed problem, leave a stuffed problem."


Below photo from Simcoe St. United Church, Oshawa, Ontario

Wall mural - Daniel beside lion is painted on wall. Then a paper mâché rock (grey) was built out from the wall to create the look of a lion's den. On the rock (on the right) is a stuffed lion and the two lions on the left is actually a fur look blanket attached to the wall.  They've inserted some grass between the rock and wall.  May give you some ideas to create your own lion's den.



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Creating (Decorating) A Lion's Den


Thank you all SO MUCH for your ideas!! We made a lions den by lining half the room with brown paper, and making an entrance with tables on their sides. We wanted to put glow in the dark eyes and play lion sounds, but didn't get it done in time. However, the kids LOVED the lions den. It was a really good way for them to feel and understand the story. We wrote prayer concerns on paper lions and hung them up in the den. Also, they wanted to hang the verse on the den wall. After church, the kids took people back and showed them the lions den and told them the story. They've remembered a lot about this story and I think the den visual helped alot. This is the first time they've shared so much. It also showed me that everything doesn't have to be perfect for it to work. Thanks again for all the support from this website--I'd be lost without all of you.

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Game Idea - Mini Olympics

At time of writing, the Olympics have just opened in Beijing, so there just HAS to be an Olympic games activity.

Daniel would have had to be mentally, physically and spiritually in shape and on top of his game to come out of the lion incident in tact.

Here are some events with the skills Dan might need to keep lions at bay:

  1. 100 m (or some short distance variation thereof) dash
  2. javelin (pool noodle toss)
  3. discus (Frisbee, bean bag fling)
  4. shot put (bean bag toss)
  5. running long jump
  6. and why not end with a collaborative event – relay race.

Most events can be organized in a big-gish hall. Running events can be from one end of hall to another. Or if weather permits when you run this workshops, take it outside!

Other workshops in this rotation include: arts/prayer mats; kitchen/ veg salad; music/ teach Dare to be a Daniel; computer/mock Facebook page. For more detail, click here.

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Drama Ideas (instead of using a script)

Have older children write and produce their own puppet play. They can do their play for the younger children, parents, and/or the congregation.

Younger children - as narrator read a simple Daniel storybook and have them act out as you read. Add things like (and boy that Lion was hungry, look at him jump up and down, now look he's growling (pause for actions) - but look at Daniel he's bowing in his head, boys and girls why do you think he's bowing his head - why yes I believe your right he's praying.....). So as you narrate your giving them directions for puppets to come on and off stage, actions for them do with the puppets. Keep it simple, maybe use 3 puppets - Daniel, Lion (1 or 2), and a King. Have children take turns being in the play while the rest are the audience - ask the audience questions to involve them as well. Repetition is excellent for the younger ones. If a small group they will want a turn being a lion, then the king, and then Daniel.

Video Ideas

Gwendyl asked for help with a Video
Posted January 14, 2004
I'm looking for a video, possibly a drama; to go with our lessons on Daniel in the lion's den. Something other than Veggietales and Nest family.

Christy Series - Episode "A Closer Walk" (faithfulness & fear)

There was a short-lived series a number of years ago "Christy" which starred Kellie Martin, and was loosely based on Catherine Marshall's book about her mother's days as a missionary in Appalachia. The series was pretty good -- I used it to teach a youth class when it first came out. It's out on video, now, and Volume 3 includes the episode "A Closer Walk." It touches on faithfulness and fear -- both good issues for Daniel -- and contrasts the much-educated pastor, David Grantland, who is struggling with his faith, and Aunt Polly, an elderly woman who is preparing to die. I think we actually used it for a lesson on doubting Thomas. It was too long for our time frame so we had to leave the kids "hanging" about what happened next and they were all very upset and wanted to see the end of the movie -- I take that as a good sign.

(animated movie - loss of freedom)

If you want to emphasize the persecution of Daniel and wanting to have the freedom to pray and worship as you want, I would recommend "Spirit" which is a beautifully animated movie about a horse that was out a few years ago. The wild horse is captured and loses his freedom. Kids really relate to the horse's predicament, and that might give them some insight into how the law imposed on Daniel would have felt to him. A good discussion starter.

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Resources for Daniel...

Daniel - A to Z Series By: Phyllis Vox Wezeman, Ann L. Liechty, Judith Harris Chase, Kregel Publications, 1997, ISBN: 9780825439636.

Description: This volume in the A to Z series provides 26 learning activities on the life of Daniel, utilizing drama, music, puppetry, storytelling and other tools to illustrate Daniel's faithfulness and courage.
rhondab  Posted

Bible Masks Story Book by: Graham Round, Kregel Publications, 2001, ISBN: 0825472326.

Description: This book teaches dramatic Bible stories with pop-out masks and props kids can use in drama and role playing. Included are stories, scripts, and masks for Moses and Pharoah, Daniel and the Lion's Den (6 punchout masks).
Luanne Payne  Posted

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Daniel Ideas:


Here is what we are planning for our Daniel rotation in November. These may change! (I know some of you are gasping that it is October 15th and I am saying things may change. We started way before we were ready! But it is going FABULOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to have more time, but if you heard these kids and parents, and could see their faces, you'd do it anyway, just like me!)

Diorama (Photography)

I've been wanting to do a photography workshop because we have several photographers at our church. I saw an idea about having the kids do freeze frame photography in a different set. It is VERY similar to what we will be doing at Easter, but the idea stuck to me. So I thought we'd have the kids create dioramas and photograph tiny figures "doing" the story. (Think claymation-type stuff here, but not so many photos.)


Volunteer Moderator adds:  check out this

For more ideas check out the following:  
What is a Diorama Workshop - look in "Workshop Design & Resources" - under "OTHER Workshop Concepts" link.  

Prayer Books (Arts & Crafts):

There are several lessons here at for this - we will use them.

Olympic Games:

Going on Neil's Olympics idea for Bible Skills and Games in the Lion’s Den. This is the one I am unsure about. For one thing it may be very cold! But if possible, I'd like to do this outside on our playground. It is fenced, so we'd line it with brown paper. Probably can't do much about the equipment, but I still think it would be fantastic. We would do it one night as a large group. If we move it inside, we might be able to use the Youth space and even have them participate. oooh... that may be the better way to go. (Think Orange, ya'll!)

Veggie Tales Video November 28th (Storytelling) all as one group - because it will be a holiday weekend and our volunteers (and I) will be gone.

Family Activity - Writing To Missionaries:
We also try to do at least one "Family Activity" each month. On Wednesdays to try to get people there on time we have fellowship time before the classes start. We don't have things planned for them to do every week, but we try to make the things we do plan go with our rotations. For November we will set out postcards and letter-writing stuff and will encourage the families to write to missionaries facing the same struggles as Daniel. We can get addresses and bio information from the Voice of the Martyrs.

I'm really excited about that!

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A Lions' Card Reflection Exercise:

(could be used in any workshop. Suggest you adapt the lions' cards for your age group and needs)

Posted by Liz Weingart, Canfield Pres, Canfield OH

What About My Lion?   ...a reflection/discussion card activity

Pick six volunteers. One at a time, hand each child a Lion Card. Have the child read what is on the card. That child can answer, as well as any other child who would like to share their answer. Move on to the next child, next Lion Card. (If the kids are non-responsive, give the suggested answers and let them “vote” for their choice):


If I had been in the den with the lions, I would probably have:

a) been scared
b) not been afraid at all
c) been afraid just a little bit


When I heard about the new law saying I could only pray to the king,

I would have:

a) prayed to the king
b) prayed to God in spite of the law
c) stopped praying


When I'm scared I:

a) hide
b) talk to a parent
c) pray
d) other?


Of these three things, what would be the scariest to you?

a) A scary haunted house
b) Being lost in a strange place
c) Being in a lot of pain (like a broken leg or falling off your bike)


When I'm scared, I would be most comforted by:

a) My mom or dad holding me
b) An object like my blanket, a doll, or curling up in my bed
c) Pretending whatever it was that was scaring me wasn't there!) Other?


A "lion " in my life right now is:

a) someone who I’ve allowed to upset me
b) something happening at home or school that I’ve allowed to upset me
c) an illness or health problem I'm having or someone I love is having
d) not feeling very happy these days
e) other

Life Application:

It takes strength and guts to believe in God and obey God's commands and be a role model to others. Believing one thing and doing another is wrong. Being two-faced or hypocritical is wrong. Saying you love God but not obeying God is wrong.

Reflection Time

Ask the children to think about what their “lion” is (a problem or something they’re afraid of), then write about it or draw a picture. Give the older children a separate slip of paper and ask them to also write their “lion” on it. They can put their name on the slip or leave it off. Seal the slips in an envelope.

Memory Verse: "Don't ever be afraid or discouraged! I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

Closing Discussion:

I'm sure Daniel thought about giving-in and hiding the fact that he was a follower of God. But Daniel decided to stand up for his belief in God, even if it meant death. There are times when even a kid has to stand up for their beliefs. When they see someone treating another badly. When they hear gossip. When they have the tough choice of sleeping in or going to church. When it's time to pray and they'd rather play. When others say speak negatively about God or the church. When there are things that are pulling them away from God. Distractions and Lions come in all shapes and sizes!

Closing Prayer:

All children: Tell the children you are going to have a moment of silence for them to offer their problem to God in a prayer. Encourage the children to bring their envelopes home and talk with their parents, their friends, a trusted adult or their pastors.


  • Life Application is taken from MacQueen, Neil. “Camp Bible Wahoo! Daniel and the Lion’s Den Rotation Lessons.”
  • Lion cards adapted from Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian, Cary NC
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Prayer Labryrinth

Summary of Lesson Activities:

We have a large prayer labyrinth at our church. You could easily have one made for the kids, or let the kids help you make it. Daniel was all about prayer!

At we have a design forum with discussion and ideas about creating labyrinths and conducting a Prayer or Spirituality Workshop. Look for those great ideas here.

Prayer is a "discipline"... which to the kids will mostly translate as "staying focused" and not being distracted. Walking the labyrinth path teaches that concept.  Along the path are "stations" (things to think about). Feel free to adapt and add.

Scripture Reference:
Daniel 6

Goals of the rotation:

  1. To learn about Lions and other large wild cats.
  2. To learn the story and find it in the bible.
  3. To learn about faith in God.
  4. To learn about prayer.

Materials needed:

  • Labyrinth taped or painted on a canvas floor cloth. A Labyrinth is a path to the center that only has one entrance/exit, you must come back the way you went in.
  • Lap boards, blank paper and a colored pencil each
  • Prayer books for each child
  • Examples of ACTS prayers on papers, one per child of each so they can make prayer books while they wait their turn at the Labyrinth.
  • Wall paper cut the same size as prayer papers
  • Stapler
  • Labels so they can write their title or name and put on book.
  • Finger labyrinths gotten from above website cut same size as prayer papers.
  • CD of some meditative music.

Room Set up:

  • Children will gather in the Chapel and the Labyrinth will be set up in Mt. Ararat. Have a tape/CD player for the music in the Labyrinth room and lap boards and all other materials in the Chapel.

Shepherd box:

  • Journal Page/Coloring page for the preschoolers
  • Crayons/markers


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Introduce yourself

Children should have picked up their name tags from bulletin board, Shepherd can get them or make them one.

Explain that this is the Episcopal Traditions workshop and today they will learn about prayer in our church.

Hand out lap boards, a blank piece of paper, a colored pencil to each child.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Telling the story: Explain that the children are to put their pencil on the paper and make a doodle drawing, [demonstrate for them,] and not lift their pencil. They should continue to draw through the telling of the story. Read them the following poem version of Daniel.

GOOGLE then READ the poem: The Lions Weren't Hungry Last Night

They are the lyrics to a song from Bullfrogs and Butterflies.

Responding to the story:

Tell them to stop when you finish reading and put their paper beside them, we will talk about it later.

Hold up a prayer book and ask if they know what it is? Hopefully most should know that it is a prayer book. Ask if they know when we use it? Hopefully some will know we use it in church during the service? Ask if they know why we use it? Hopefully some will know that we use it so we know the words to pray together.

For the preschoolers this may be as far as you go with this discussion or you can try some of the older class discussion.

For the K-2, explain that we find the words for all of the services the church does in this book, daily services, Sunday services, baptisms, funerals and ordaining priests and bishops just to name a few. Focus them on where in the prayer book they can find prayers they can use. Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families p. 137, Prayers and Thanksgivings p. 810

For the 3-5, have them look at the table of contents to discover what all the book contains also focus them on the Daily Devotions and Prayers and Thanksgivings. Ask them to find specific services.

For all children, Ask when they pray and what prayers they say. Many children say dinner prayers and bedtime prayers. Explain that there are 4 types of prayers and we can remember them with the word ACTS. Have the following on a flip chart.

A - Adoration (telling God how wonderful He is!)
C – confession (telling God we’re sorry for the things we do wrong)
T – thanksgiving (telling God thank you for things)
S – supplication or "send help" (asking God for help for someone else or yourself)

Explain that Daniel prayed to God. God always answers prayers but he doesn’t always answer the way we want. His answer may be yes, no, maybe or I have a better way. What do you think Daniel prayed for? I wonder what you would have prayed if you were Daniel? To get out of the Lion’s Den? For God to Kill the Lions? Did God answer Daniel’s prayer, how?

Today we are going to experience a way to pray. In small groups we will go next door and walk in a Labyrinth. Has anyone ever walked in a Labyrinth before? Look at your drawings, if you didn’t lift your paper you sort of drew a Labyrinth, in a Labyrinth there in only one door and the path leads to the center and then you walk back over your path to get out again.

Rules of walking the Labyrinth:

You should walk in silence, you might find it helpful to think to yourself a phrase such as “God is good” or “Lord hear my prayer” and say it over and over in your head as you walk to help you keep your mind on God.

You should stay on the path, don’t cut across.

You should walk slowly, our Labyrinth is small compared to most so it won’t take long to walk but you are praying to God through your movements so you shouldn’t run.

If you come up on someone, you should quietly pass them, don’t tailgate.

When you get to the center you may stop quietly and listen for God and when you are ready turn around and go back the way you came.

When you are out, quietly walk to the Chapel and pick someone else to come.

I will play some quiet meditative music and we will go over in small groups, while you are waiting your turn or after you have finished you may make yourself an ACTS prayer book to take home and at the back will be a finger labyrinth that you may do at home.

This week’s Journal question is :

How does prayer fit in your life? When do you pray? Write or draw about this.

· Shepherds will pass out journal papers and colored pencils for today these should be collected and put in their journal files.

Take Home Message: Today we learned about prayer in the church. In order to hear God, we need to be quiet and listen.

Closing Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for bringing us all together today to learn about prayer in our church and for bringing us closer to you through praying the labyrinth. Watch over us this week and keep us safe.

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Free Bible illustrations by Richard Gunther contributed to and licensed for non-commercial teaching use. Good for teaching with non-readers and for using as "charade" or Pictionary clues, and for story-ordering games.

Daniel keeps praying: https://www.freebibleimages.or...strations/rg-daniel/

To see all of his illustrations organized by Bible story go to https://www.freebibleimages.or...tors/richardgunther/

You can also see many of his Bible illustrations formatted by author Jill Kemp as FREE printable Bible story books for younger children and preschoolers at (NEW Testament stories) and (OLD Testament stories).

One page printable storybook that uses Gunther's graphics:


Images (2)
  • mceclip0
  • mceclip1
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The book Jesus and the Lion's Den by Alison Mitchell is a great resource! It is worded so that younger kids can easily understand, but I think it would work with older kids also. It is part of a series of books called "Tales that tell the Truth" published by the Good Book Company.  I love that these books make a connection to Christ!

Each book in the series also includes free downloads and resources.

Here it is on Youtube:

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