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Drama, Puppet, and Storytelling Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Jesus Walks on Water, Peter Sinks

Post your Sunday School drama, puppet, and storytelling lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for the Jesus Walks on Water, Peter Sinks.

  • Please include a scripture reference, supply lists, sources, suggested age range. age modification, etc. 
  • Photos are much appreciated!  Click "attachments" and upload to your post.
  • Please be careful not to post copyrighted materials. Excerpting and paraphrasing is okay. Include attribution.

Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52, John 6:16-21. Matthew 14:22-33
Take courage! It is I! Don’t be afraid! Matthew 14:27. 
Lord save me! Matthew 14:30.
“You of little faith, why did you doubt? Matthew 14:31.

Bible lessons and ideas about Jesus Walks on Water, Peter Sinks -with Drama, puppets, scripts, skits, acting, newsroom, etc.

I'm going to kick it off by sending you BACK to the Jesus calms the Storm forum where I have posted a Drama/Story lesson that COMBINES the two stories of "boat, disciples, water, waves, Jesus" into a very interactive presentation.

Here's the link

<>< Neil

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We used "Blacklights" to tell the story of Jesus Walking on Water to music.

Song we used was "Footprints on the Water" by Wonder Kids. 

Jesus Walks on Water Black LightTo see a full list of props we used see here in the Black Light Theater Instructions.

Directions on Black Lights at this site is under: Lessons & Resources / WORKSHOP DESIGN & TEACHING RESOURCES / DRAMA WORKSHOP - direct link to full manual is Blacklight Theater Instructions.


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  • Jesus Walks on Water Black Light
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Jesus Calms the Storm, Peter Walks on Water

Drama Script


This is a classic "interview show" you will videotape, but we're going to position the 'script' in such a way that the players can read the script from a TELEPROMPTER (fancy kind of cue cards) so it looks like they are making up their answers rather than reading them. (Think Saturday Night Live where the teleprompter is just off camera).


How to Fake a TelePrompter:


Copy this script and do one of two things:


Either, (A) Enlarge it on your church copier and tape it together in a large scrolling page.  You can tape the scroll to dowel rods and stick the dowel rods in a cardboard box with one side cut out to reveal the scroll.  Instant Teleprompter!


Or, (B) Copy the text to a Word document on a portable computer, and PLUG your laptop computer into your TV's "video in" port using a standard VGA cable (laptops have a "video out" plug, and MOST LCD televisions have a "video in" port). It's very easy to set up if you know how.  Instant TelePrompter!   Position the screen BEHIND the lead interviewer and off screen so that the characters can see it, but it doesn't get seen on your video of the show.


  • Characters dress like disciples and come onto the stage when introduced. They should have some ridiculous beards made out of fun-fur.
  • Have a crew member "sing" the theme song while others clap as the disciple walks on (like a real talk show).
  • The Interviewer can have the script in front of them, like they do on real tv.  
  • You'll need audience members to step forward on camera and ask questions.
  • Set up the video camera to capture the whole interview.
  • With older and extra kids, you can have them come up with a commercial break.






Cue Music

Applause and Cheering


Announcer:  And now here's the star of our show, the Queen of Daytime Bible TV,

Oprah ___________ (last name of interviewer)



Welcome to the ____________ Show!  O no, please sit down. No please. Alright. No please.


ALRIGHT STOP! (crowd stops clapping and cheering)


Today, we have some very special guests, several disciples of Jesus who almost drowned in a storm crossing the Sea of Galilee.


First, let's role the videotape to show you what happened:


Here the disciples and Jesus very quickly and wildly re-enact the story of Jesus walking on the water with Peter.  Pause the videocamera to set up this scene, and when it's over, re-position the camera onto Oprah.


Wow. That was amazing.  Now let's welcome to our show, the DISCIPLES!   


(wild clapping, play theme music)


Well welcome, please tell our audience who you are?


I'm John,

I'm James,

I'm Andrew

I'm Mary Magdalene
I'm Bob


(Oprah)  What? Wait a second, Bob?

(Bob)  Yeah, Bob the little known disciple. Why does nobody ever remember me?

(John) Sorry Bob, we had to cut your story out of the Gospel, it was getting too long.

(Bob)  Gee thanks.


(Peter) And I'm Peter! 


Oprah:  Well welcome to all of you. Our studio audience is chomping at the bit to ask you questions, so let's get started....


And now we have some questions from our studio audience....

One at a time someone appears on camera. Just behind them is the teleprompter so it looks like the disciples are looking right at the audience member.


1. I have a question for John:  How much did you get paid for following Jesus and helping him heal the sick and preach the word? 

I did not get paid for following Jesus in the way one does when they work a regular job. I was one of 12 selected disciples to follow Jesus to assist him with his work, to learn about the truth and to become skilled in preaching and continuing his work.

2. This question is for James: What was it like to listen to Jesus tell you about the kingdom of heaven and about God? 

Think about a time when you have felt so comfortable in the arms of your mother, grandmother, or another loved one. Remember how protected you felt? Jesus had a gentle voice and he would share stories about what faith was and was not. I could listen to him all day long. I never got bored. He was a wonderful, loving person who was teaching us the truth.

3. This question is for Mary:  How did you feel when you helped the sick to get better and/or when you prayed for people? 

At first it was scary. People looked at us like we were evil with some type of magic power. But after we had helped so many sick people, it became very special and it made us feel like we were doing exactly what God wanted us to do. 

4. I have a question for Peter:  Why did Jesus ask you to become a disciple? You're kind of a turd. We know you will deny him too!

Jesus asked me to come and be a fisher of people. I was confused at first because I was a tax collector. I think he saw I was an honest person and he needed me to help in his work to show others he loved all types of people. I did not fish for a living. I collected money from people for the Roman government so roads could be built and soldiers could be paid to defend us. I was glad he asked me to become a disciple because I became great friends with all the other disciples.

5. This question is for Andrew:  What were you doing out on the Sea of Galilee in storm?

We traveled across it many times taking Jesus to preach in the towns around its shores. During the afternoon, the hot air which rises off the lake cools over the hills and can cause storms. Some storms were so bad it seemed like we were on the ocean!

6. This question is for Peter:  What were you thinking trying to walk on water. Were you insane?

Yes. Definitely insane. I mean, I had a nice job and home, and now I'm following this guy from town to town. We realize he's the Messiah, the Christ, the Savoir, and we also realize we aren't very good disciples. We had so many doubts and fears about following him.   You'd think it would be easy following God's Messiah, but let me tell you, it's NOT!

OPRAH:   Well we have a very special guest, the man himself, the Messiah, the Savior of the world, let's give a warm welcome to Jesus Christ!


(Music and applause. Jesus comes onto the set high-fiving the disciples).


OPRAH:   So glad to have you here Jesus.


Jesus:   Good to be here. Good to see my disciples again. Hey guys!


Oprah: So tell our viewers, Jesus, what's it like to walk on water?


Jesus: Well it's pretty cool. Not gonna lie.


Peter:  He never lies.


Oprah:  So why did you do it?  Did you fall out of the boat?


Jesus: Haha...maybe. No seriously Oprah, from time to time, God likes to do some pretty amazing stuff to get people's attention. To teach them something really important. So I came up with this Calming the Storm and Rescuing Sinking Peter thing.


Oprah:  Amazing.


Jesus:  They'll never forget it.


Oprah:  "We'll never forget it either."


Jesus:  That's the point.  Not like I'm going to walk on water all the time, or ask you to, but I want people to know, I'm always there for them, even in the storms, and even when they're sinking in a sea of trouble.  Just call out my name. Trust me. And reach out your hand, I'll be there. (he says this singing it, a la the Michael Jackson song)


Disciples: (singing) Just call his name, and he'll be there....


Oprah:  Well that's all the time we have for today. Jesus, can you stay a little longer and talk to our studio audience.


Jesus:  Lo I am with you always, Oprah, even to the end of the show, I mean, age.


Oprah: Join us next week when our guests will be, Jonah and his friend Skippy the Whale. Goodnight everybody!


Cue music, applause. The cast stands and hugs. 


Jesus hugs audience members and crew.


Fade out.



A Drama Script originally posted by member JanS, adapted and restaged by Neil MacQueen 


A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.


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Jesus Walks on Water

Drama Idea

When the Writing Team was discussing workshop ideas for the "Peter Sinks, Jesus Saves" Lesson Set, Member Luanne Payne had the following idea which could become a Drama Workshop idea...

The back story:

Luanne was thinking of an idea that she gleaned at a Rotation Model Seminar she was at in Guelph, Ontario several years ago.  They had an artist who held an art workshop on "The Call of the Disciples" called the Disciple Fast-Draw Activity (This artist didn't hand out notes so much of this idea is from recall.) Luanne thought that this  same idea might be used for "Walking on Water." She has added in some ideas about how this could be adapted.

If you develop a workshop from this idea, please come back and post it here!

Room Set-Up:

  • Empty cardboard boxes (one per child, high enough so that when kids stand in the boxes they go up over kids knees); set up these boxes in two rows (for 2 teams)
  • On a table in front of the teams a few feet away -  two long sheets of paper, (height of a person/width--the length roll it was from) with a couple of markers for each team.
  • An area were you can hang the papers once finished (you will be writing on the papers with a marker so you may want something behind it so the marker does not go through the paper and mark your wall.
  • In another area a row of chairs for a boat, blue fabric or cut sheets for waves
  • A hat with slips of paper with character names, enough for one per child -- Peter, Disciples, Jesus, Waves (at least two of these)
  • Waves (blue sheets or blue fabric)
  • Water spray bottle  (optional)


#1 Have students choose a character by drawing a name from the hat.

Have kids act out the story as you narrate it from a storybook.  Where certain characters should talk, prompt the kids (example: what was that, that Jesus said?)
Ask a few check for understanding type of questions.

#2 check the Disciple Fast-Draw Activity to see how you could adapt for this story.

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Originally posted by member Wes Todd in 2014, this post relocated to this topic by the Moderator and some additional thoughts were added. Yours welcome too!

Note: There are TWO versions of the "Jesus Walks on Water" story. One of them includes the story of Peter sinking when he tries to walk towards Jesus on the waves. Mark 6 and John 6 do not include the part about Peter. Matthew 14 does. To see all three go to

Matthew 14

Peter Walks towards Jesus and Sinks

Walk on Water a Drama and Demonstration

After viewing a short video of the story, we re-enacted the story verbatim, using the Matthew scripture. Then afterwards, we played a "walk on water" game -which was really a demonstration) of various key ideas from the story.


  1. Create a strong reminder that we need to "get out of the boat" to follow Jesus.
  2. Call out to Jesus for help when in doubt or scared.
  3. Help students realize how Jesus can help them through troubled times when they feel they are sinking.
  4. Realize the importance of "having faith" --but also learn that Jesus saves us even when we have "little" of it! In fact, the whole "peter sinking" episode seems to be showing us more about Christ's compassion regardless of our faith.

The Setup:

We placed a 2x4 board on the ground and covered it with a large blue tarp to simulate the water and create a path for Peter to walk on towards Jesus. At one end of the board was a cardboard boat. At the other end was "Jesus" --one of our students in a robe.

Walking on the 2x4 may be hard enough for some students, but for others we also added various levels of "distractions"  (moving waves and people waving their arms in your face) --all of which are great metaphors!  

  • There are real scary things that work against our faith in Jesus (storms, waves, and whether we think Jesus is real or not. It's a ghost! they screamed, remember?)
  • There are things trying to hold us in the boat.
  • And there are things trying to distract us from keeping our eyes focused on Jesus.

The Plan:

First, we first showed a video of the story of "Peter Walking on Water" from YouTube, then dramatized it, then turned it into a discussion-demonstration.

There are many YouTube videos of Peter walking on water. See a list of them.

Dramatizing the Scripture:

  • the "Peter" kid in the boat sees Jesus walking on the water (board)
  • Kids in the boat (disciples) say: "Look a spirit walking toward us on the water in the storm. Is it you Jesus?"
  • Peter says "If it is you Jesus, help me come to you.
  • Jesus says, If you have faith come to me on the water."
  • Peter gets out of the box and starts walking toward Jesus, balancing on the board.
  • If/when he falls off the board, he calls for help "Lord Save me".
  • You want Peter to fall off, so make storm noises louder, sheet shaking wilder or board narrower near the middle of the walk.

(Depending on age you may want to narrow the board 2x2 near the end.)

  • When Peter falls, Jesus offers his hand to help him walk to the end of the board and back.
  • Jesus says: "Oh you of little faith. Your faith makes you strong."
  • Back in the boat Jesus says, "If you have faith as great as a mustard seed you can do all the things that I do."
  • Peter says, "You truly are the Christ, the Son of God. Now I believe! Thank you Jesus."
  • Depending on time, each child should be given the chance to play each role:
    • Jesus, Peter, 2 noise maker & sheet shakers


In this demonstration we let everyone try to walk towards Jesus.

First, we let everyone try. As various kids make their way towards Jesus, note how some do better than others.

Why do some people have "better balance" than others?  What keeps a Christian "balanced" when trying to follow Jesus?

What happens if you "fall off" the board? Does Jesus get mad? Does Jesus let you drown? What does Jesus want you to do?

Continue letting different kids walk the board, but begin to change the conditions of the game. Add more "distractions" and discuss what those might be.

  • Distractions:  Naysayers, Unbelievers, Other activities, Lazyness, Sins, etc.
  • Add something "holding us back" from getting out of the boat, and discuss what that might be.  What's holding you back from trying to follow Jesus and get closer to him?
  • And finally, add one final distraction which forces everyone to "sink" --to illustrate the story's main point: we can't rescue ourselves, we can't follow Christ on our own power! We need Jesus in us, around us, and to save us. (The story is telling us that we have little faith, but that Jesus is sufficient for our salvation.)    Does Jesus expect Peter to sink? What do you think? Probably yes!  So the bigger question is this: Does Peter expect Jesus to save him? Hopefully so. Do you?    
  • Jesus "Saves" and Jesus "continues to save us." 

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