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We sometimes put photos in here that we link to on other pages.

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Original Post

Public images for the Writing Team's Daniel Stories Journey Workshop and the Story of Ruth Geography Journey Workshop

The images used here...

  • are in the public domain,
  • owners have given us permission to include the images in the lesson,
  • and/or are "fair use" here for non-commercial teaching purposes.

In the lesson, the kids link to some of these images/videos by using a QR code. We have also collected them here in case a classroom trying to access them don't have internet connections and wants to download them in advance.

Note: The BBC Ibex video was edited to remove a fox trying to chase the baby Ibex in En Gedi. That's why it is uploaded here in a shorter version.


Images (20)
  • MOAB
  • IBEX-BBCvideosnapshot
  • Lisan Peninsula Dead Sea
  • Threshing Floor in Bethlehem
  • Kings-Highway-Jordan
  • EnGedi-Falls
  • Ruth1.16 graphic
  • Cross Section Dead Sea Elevations.Rotation
  • QR-En-Gedi-Ibex-Video
  • QR-En-Gedi-Waterfalls
  • QR-Kings-Highway
  • QR-Threshing-Floor
  • Ruth-Naomi-Journey-Map
  • QR-Moab
  • QR-AscentofZiz
  • Ishtar_Gate_at_Berlin_Museum(1)
  • Haggai-2-Solomon_Temple-Balage-Balogh-1000px
  • 1582px-Tissot_The_Flight_of_the_Prisoners
  • Tigris-River-in-Iraq
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