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The internet is full of "free" and not so free Bible coloring pages, Bible images for children, and Bible clipart. You can do a google image search for your Bible story with the words "image," or "clipart" or "coloring page" to find many of them.

Our members have posted links to good site before and we're consolidating many of our favorites here. If you want to post your own links, read the caution below.

A few favorites to get you started...

 Jill Kemp and Richard Gunther's Old and New Testament Bible Images
are a treasure trove of FREE printable booklets and free individual images. Available in color and black and white. Drawn in a kid-friendly modern cartoon style. Free to use for non-commercial purposes. 

 Christian Coloring Pages  --  a great collection of simple black and white Bible images for coloring. Provided a family-run Canadian company.

 Free Bible ... a non-profit repository of many artist's work, including modern and mid-20thC work now in the public domain or donated to the site. Organized by Book and by Characters. Variety of styles, both cartoon, illustrated, clipart, and including scenes from movies. Some cross-cultural images as well. Includes Richard Gunther's free collection.

 Free Bible Illustrations-Clipart by Phillip Martin
Lots of good stuff here drawn in an appealing cartoon style. Just be ready to ignore all the ads on the page (which is how these images are free) and sifting through a lot of links.

Please note:

  • We don't support links to groups that only offer a few images as clickbait to sell you more or something else.
  • We don't support links to pages that only offer cheesy OLD FASHIONED images from long-defunct curriculum.
  • We don't support links to curriculum companies offering you "free images" to entice you to buy their products.
  • We also don't support links to overtly "Creationist" websites offering free images.

If you want those kinds of links, you will have to find them yourself 


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