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Game and Cooking Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Teaching "Jesus' Birth Through the Eyes of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah in Sunday School.

This topic is collecting Sunday School games and cooking ideas, lesson plans, activities, and resources for "Jesus' Birth Through the Eyes of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, and Zechariah.

Mary Magnifies, Magnificat, Ponders, Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Song of Joy (Magnificat), Zechariah. Luke 1:26-56, Luke 2:1-20, Jesus' birth, etc. Teaching/reinforcing with Cooking activities, Food, Bible Foods, Recipes, Baking, Preparation, Bible Games, Story memory, story order, memory verses, etc.

The Writing Team's "Jesus is Born!" lesson set is open to all!  It includes Matthew 1:18-25 the Angel's Announcement to Joseph and Luke 2:1-7 (Decree, Journey to Bethlehem, and Birth). Free registration is required to view the Writing Team's Jesus is Born lesson plans --if you are not already a Registered or Supporting Member.

In addition to all our public lesson ideas, the Writing Team has written a wonderful set of lessons for Supporting Members titled: "Mary Accepts, Magnifies, and Ponders." The set includes extra creative Art, Video, Game, Drama Workshop lesson plans (and more). Everyone can view its lesson summaries and Bible background.

Kicking off this topic is a Bible Games Workshop posted by member Jan Marshall...

Jesus' Birth through the Eyes of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and
Zechariah ~ Luke 1:26-55 and Luke 2:1-20

Summary of Lesson Activity:
To teach the story of Jesus' birth, including Luke 1's annunciation to Mary and her visit with Elizabeth. The lesson uses an active review giant Board game where students/teams work to be the first to  "jump" onto the answers to a question.

Editors note: This lesson's board game is a large sheet or canvas drop cloth taped to the floor. The answers are marked on the sheet inside of stars placed in various locations around the sheet. You could instead place answers on pieces of paper taped to the floor. Use your imagination to think up alternatives!

Scripture Reference:
Luke 1:26-55 and Luke 2:1-20

Lesson Objective(s):
Children will play a review game and will be able to recall major points in the birth story.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the Bible passages. The story will be read from the NRSV Bible this month.
  • Read over the background material included in your teacher packet as you review the lesson plan and become familiar with the game. (Editor's note: this material is not included with this lesson)
  • Secure the sheet containing the game board to the floor

Materials List:

  • NRSV Bibles
  • Sheet containing game “board"
  • Masking tape
  • List of questions to ask, or set of index cards with questions and answers on them
  • Small prizes
  • Pencils.

Lesson Plan

Greet the children and introduce yourself. Remember that you are interacting with a different group of students each week—some may not know you. Wear your nametag and make sure that the children are wearing theirs.

Explain what they'll be doing today and what you hope they will learn.

Study and Game

1. Tell the children that you will be reading the birth story to them before they play the review game, beginning with the announcement to Mary and continuing through the birth scene. Tell them to listen carefully so they can answer the questions for the game.

2. From the NRSV Bible, read Luke 1:26-55, then Luke 2:1-20. Following the reading, remind them that the memory verse is the first part of the poem of Mary. Recite the memory verse together. Ask if there are any questions about the story before you begin the game.

Editor's Note: This lesson's board game is a large sheet or canvas drop cloth taped to the floor. The answers are marked on it inside of stars placed around the sheet.

3. Go over the rules of the game, as follows:

  • Everyone will gather around the outer perimeter of the game sheet, standing side by side. The shepherds are welcome to join in the game.
  • When the teacher says “go,” everyone will walk around the outer perimeter of the sheet, following one another, listening for the question from the teacher. It might be a good idea to look at the stars on the sheet and become familiar with them.
  • As they are walking, the teacher reads a question about this month’s story.
  • To answer the question, find a star on the sheet that has the answer to the question and go stand on it. Be careful not to hurt anyone accidentally while trying to stand on a star. The first one on the star stays there.
  • The teacher will recognize those on the correct stars. Anyone on a correct star will get a prize.
  • The teacher may ask one of the correct answerers to explain their answer more fully according to the story, possibly asking them to give more detail about the answer or filling in what happened before or after the event in question
  • The teacher will ask everyone to return to the outer perimeter of the sheet, and will continue the game with “go.”

4. Ask if there are any questions about the game rules. If so, answer them; if not, begin the game. Do plan to ask for more details about the story from someone on a correct star.

5. Let play continue until either you have finished all the questions or until about 10:15.

Reflection and Closing
Following the game, gather the children together and ask if there are any questions and/or answers given that they didn’t understand. If so, try to answer them or have everyone look up the story and find the answers. If time, talk about how the individual families represented celebrated the birth of Jesus in their home. Hand out the rest of the prizes to all the children.

Close with a prayer of your own, or use the following:
Loving God, we thank you for the gracious gift of your son, Jesus. Help us to share this gift with those around us at all times of the year. Amen.

Journal Time:
Help the shepherd pass out the journals. Ask the children to answer the following question:
What will you remember most about this month’s story?


Questions for The Christmas Game

1. Who was the mother of Jesus? Mary
2. Who came to visit Mary before she knew about the baby? Gabriel
3. Who sent the angel? God
4. To whom was Mary engaged to marry? Joseph
5. What was to be the son’s name? Jesus
6. Who did Mary visit after she heard this news? Elizabeth
7. What happened to Elizabeth when she heard Mary’s voice? Baby jumped
8. When Mary heard this, what was her response? Poem
9. Who issued the registration decree? Augustus
10. Where did Mary and Joseph go to register? Bethlehem
11. To whose family did Joseph belong? King David
12. Why didn’t Mary and Joseph stay in the inn at Bethlehem? No room
13. What did Mary do with Jesus right after he was born? Wrapped him
14. Where did Mary place Jesus? Manger
15. What appeared to shepherds in the field? An angel of the Lord
16. What news did the angel tell the shepherds? Savior born
17. For what sign were the shepherds to look? Baby in manger
18. Where did the shepherds go after the angel left? Bethlehem
19. What did the shepherds tell Mary and Joseph? (about) Jesus
20. What did Mary do when she heard this? Treasured in heart
21. What did the shepherds do after visiting Jesus? Praised God

Words for Board Game (or to write on Stars) for The Christmas Game
1. Mary
2. Gabriel
3. God
4. Joseph
5. Jesus
6. Elizabeth
7. Baby jumped
8. Poem
9. Augustus
10. Bethlehem
11. King David
12. No room
13. Wrapped him
14. Manger
15. An angel of the Lord
16. Savior born
17. Baby in manger
18. Bethlehem
19. (about) Jesus
20. Treasured in heart
21. Praised God

A lesson written by Jan Marshal from: Brenthaven Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Bentwood, TN


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Questions for a game workshop about Mary and Gabriel:

1) Who came to visit Mary?
a. her relative Elizabeth
b. King David
c. an angel name Gabriel*

2) Why did God send Gabriel to Mary?
a. To give her a message*
b. To sing her a song
c. To deliver some baby clothes

3) To what town did Gabriel go to find Mary?
a. Bethlehem
b. Nazareth*
c. Jerusalem

4) What area of Israel is Nazareth in?
a. Galilee*
b. Judea
c. Samaria

5) Whom was Mary engaged to marry?
a. Joseph*
b. David
c. Gabriel

6) Who was Joseph’s ancestor?
a. Elizabeth
b. The angel Gabriel
c. King David*

7) How did the angel greet Mary?
a. “Listen! I have an important announcement.”
b. “You are truly blessed! The Lord is with you.”*
c. “Go to Bethlehem with Joseph.”

8) When Mary heard the angel’s greeting, how did she feel?
a. Happy
b. Sick
c. Confused*

9) What did Gabriel tell Mary NOT to do?
a. Laugh
b. Be afraid*
c. Tell other people

10) What did the angel tell Mary would happen?
a. She would have a son named Jesus.*
b. She would have a baby in a stable.
c. She would have a baby in her old age.

11) Why did Gabriel say God chose Mary?
a. She was beautiful.
b. She was smart
c. God was pleased with Mary.*

12) What did the angel say Jesus would be called?
a. The Good Shepherd
b. Messiah
c. Son of God Most High*

13) What did the angel say God would do for Jesus?
a. Make him rich and famous
b. Make him king of Israel*
c. Make him a great warrior

14) How long would Jesus’ kingdom last?
a. Until his death
b. Until the Messiah came
c. Forever*

15) Why did Mary ask, “How can this happen?”
a. She was not married.*
b. She was not good enough
c. She was too poor

16) Which of these things did Gabriel tell Mary?
a. The Holy Spirit will come over you and take your power to God.
b. The Holy Spirit will come down to you , and God’s power will come over you.*
c. God will give power to the Holy Spirit.

17) Who else did Gabriel say would have a son?
a. Joseph’s relative Elizabeth
b. Mary’s relative Elizabeth*
c. Gabriel’s relative Elizabeth

18) Why was it surprising that Elizabeth would have a son?
a. She was not married.*
b. She was too poor.
c. She was old.

19) Which of these statements did the angel make?
a. With God, almost anything is possible.
b. Nothing is impossible for God.*
c. God can make good things happen.

20) After the angel told Mary everything, what did she say?
a. Give me some time to think about this.
b. I don’t like this. I don’t want to do it.
c. I am the Lord’s servant. Let it happen as you have said.*



Questions were part of a games workshop posted by member Catherine from

Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church, Cary, NC


Last edited by Luanne Payne

St. John Lutheran Church

Games Station

Station Summary

Mary will tell the story from her point of view. The children will then go through an obstacle  course, which will help them remember the events of the story.


See lesson at this link.  

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