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Share your ideas on how to make, and where to buy... Props for use in the games workshop

Note:  Game "Spinners" and "Wheels" has its own thread here.

"Teach and Toss" Scripture Beach Balls from Carson Dellosa.

You can buy them with the questions already on them, or make your own.

Beachballs can easily be found for next to nothing.



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Using Domed Battery Operated Touch Lights for Buzzers

 I came up with an easy solution for game show buzzers. I went and purchased several of the small dome shaped, battery operated touch lights (like you might put in a closet). I have seen them in different shapes and colors also and they are cheap! I attached one half of a piece velcro to the bottom, and the other piece on a board or table top to secure the light to the table top and keep from moving around when they hit it. The kids must stand with their hands behind their back until the question is read, then whoever taps their light on first, gets to answer.

gameTourchLightFor Buzzer


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Laminate your game board & cards - wipe clean after each game


Something I learned when I worked in the school system: if you want to make one game board and change out the game with each lesson laminate everything. I made one board, then I took index cards and decorated them. The board and cards were laminated so that I could use a sharpie (any color will work), when I finished with that game I used fingernail polish remover to erase the writing and changed the cards. This works great for us because we are very limited on resources.

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Received a catalog in the mail at work for all kinds of gadgets to use during meetings and presentations from Trainers' Warehouse. Finally, they're encouraging ADULTS to have some fun!

This page at their site lists some buzzers - some are pricey, but some not that bad.

They also have some game wheels and pocket charts. Their Sound F/X gadget looks fun too!

I'm editing this post to add this option: Sound Answer Buzzers (just Google "sound answer buzzers"

Picture 8


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Using Perforated Business Cards for Creating Game Cards

After too many attempts to get uniform sizes of cards for memory games or question cards for board games, I finally discovered that the business supply stores have perforated sheets of 'business cards' that have download-able templates. These work great! They also come in all kinds of colours and designs, which makes it easier to keep track of different sets of cards.

No Laminator?

Since I've never had access to a laminating machine, I have learned that packing tape does a reasonably good job of protecting the cards.

Other people may be quicker on the uptake, and using these for years, but in case anyone else is as slow as me, here's hoping it's helpful information


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Perforated Business Cards

I love using perforated business cards for games! I also used them to put the memory verse on. One girl told me she had collected all of them and was putting them in the order they would be found in the Bible!

Different suggestions for laminating

As for a laminating machine, business supply or education supply stores will laminate things for you for a nominal cost. Some discount stores (like Wal-Mart) carry laminating film that doesn't require heat. As you said, packaging tape also works.


Julie Burton

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Cost Saving Ideas for Game Cards and Large Dice

I use my own money and I must keep costs down. Here are a couple of ideas for those short on $$$:

GAME CARDS: I use 5x3" index cards. They come in many colors and are very inexpensive. I have even found new packages of them at yard sales.

LARGE DICE: I make dice using square tissue boxes. This is FREE, as I save the boxes for this purpose. They aren't EXACTLY cube-shaped, but they work. I open the top, stuff the box with shredded paper, then seal it. Then I cut 6 pieces of paper in colors of choice and print whatever is appropriate on them using a permanent marker. Then I seal the ENTIRE box with clear packing tape.

You can make generic dice or make them for a particular story or workshop. I have one with the sides of the die labeled as follows: OLD TESTAMENT BOOKS, NEW TESTAMENT BOOKS, BIBLE MEN OR BOYS, BIBLE WOMEN OR GIRLS, plus two sides that say TRY AGAIN! Smile

I bought a set of jumbo dice at Dollar Tree for $1. These work very well with games requiring numbers rather than words or pictures. I had my class form 2 teams and take turns answering review questions. If the answer was correct, a team member rolled the dice, and the total was multiplied by 10. They loved this game!

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Quiz Game Writable Answer Paddles

- use for all those games that require answers like: A,B,C,D or YES/NO or TRUE/FALSE
Great for those of us who's rooms are not closed in and will help keep the noise level down, but the fun and excitement level stays high!

Dry Erase PaddlesDry Erase PaddleThese 9" dry erase paddles are perfect for oral quizzes and games! Use them to instantly see who has the correct answer. Pressboard. 5 1/4" x 8 3/4" © OTC)

Now these are adorable and were pointed out to me by my good friend Lorna. Her idea to use them in games so the kids could write there answer A, B, D or D. Quick wipe and were off to the next answer. Saves them shouting or you trying to figure out who said it right or first. Would work great in any workshop were you were quizzing the kids, even great for the movie workshop doing the DVD quizzes.
Oriental Trading

8-color-crayola-sup----sup-dry-erase-crayons~73_29147To avoid the smell of Dry Erasers also check out
- Crayola Large White Board Crayons, Pkg of 8 (ordorless). Washable, wipes off easily from dry erase surfaces and washes clean from hands and clothes.


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An idea for a lighted, changeable sign from Neil MacQueen posted on Sept. 2, 2012:  


Gameshow idea:
I once saw a photo of a large colorful sign board in a theater workshop that was covered in NAILS --each about 2 inches apart in rows and sticking up about 3/4" --so that a lightrope could be woven between the nails SPELLING the NAME or TITLE, or Bible reference they were working on. The light rope could then be re-woven to spell out something different for the next rotation. Always wanted to do that one myself!

A couple of (simple, el-cheapo) Game Props we use...



Game cube Made from a square box covered in packing tape. 

(If I were making this again I'd use a slip in type of "window" on a couple of the sides to change out the other messages used.) 


game cube made from a boxgame cube made from a box

 (The pen shows you the relative size of these cubes)




Thumbs Up/Down - for True/False questions

I don't recall what game this was used for - something where the kids had to choose with whether they agreed with a statement. 


Thumbs up and thumbs down




And photos of your game props. Use REPLY below.


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How to make a large spinning wheel for games:


I converted an old "sit and spin" toy. (They still make these for toddlers.)


 sit and spin toy for toddlers

Cut off the top part and covered the exposed edge with duct tape. 


Used nails for pegs, a door stop for the 'flipper' and fastened to board with bolt.


Added numbers.


Converted game wheel



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Magnetic Spinner

I just wanted to share an inventive and inexpensive resource I discovered this week at the local Dollar Tree (where everything costs a dollar, in case this particular chain doesn't exist in your area.) It is a magnetic spinner... about 10.5 inches long, that can attach to a white board. It spins wonderfully. My mind is already racing with game applications!

spinnerThis picture is shot slightly from the side so you can see the round plastic disk
with magnet on the back, upon which the arrow spins.

White Board-Paper Score Circle-Magentic SpinnerIf you, like me, don't have anyone to build a Wheel of Fortune-type spinner (or if the cost is prohibitive), you could probably make a poster with the letters, etc. on a dial, and leave a cut-out in the center so the spinner would fit in the center when you attach the poster to the white board, as we did, pictured above. All for only $1! (Or even just draw a wheel on the white board!)

Further info: brand is Teaching Tree. Manufacturer/distributor listed on the back of the package is Greenbrier International Inc in Cheasapeake, VA.

There are several styles in addition to the spinner I initially purchased. There is one with a crayon as the spinner, another with a pencil, and also a Seuss-ish arm with striped sleeve and pointing finger. I actually returned to Dollar Tree today to buy several more; if I love this tool as much as I think I will, I'm going to want backups not only for children's ministry but for the Latin classes I teach!

Dollar Tree has also been a great source for large foam game die and packages of inexpensive die cuts--for instance, of fish--that can be used in all kinds of games. I've found many treasures for our drama prop box as well--helmets, shields and swords for the battle of Jericho, the Fiery Furnace (for the soldiers who tossed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in); bird masks for the ravens in the Elijah story, etc.


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Exploring the Oriental Trading catalog that arrived this week, there are all sorts of things that can be adapted for use as Bible Skills and Review Games!  Put on your creative hat as you think of ways to incorporate these carnival type game items into your lesson plans!

Bean bag toss games (I think you are allowed to use the shark one for the Jonah story!  :

Game spinners:


What about a fishing game for a disciple story game?


Directions for making your own giant dice

Simple directions at Anna Joy Lowell's bog posting:  Blog also includes some basic dice game instructions that can be adapted to many Bible stories.




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