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Game Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Teaching the Story of the Magi ~ Wisemen in Sunday School

Post your Sunday School game and Bible skills lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for "Jesus' Birth Through the Eyes of the Wisemen, Magi" here. (Photos are much appreciated!  Click "attachments" and upload to your post.)

As you look through these lesson suggestions, you may find that some of the QUESTIONS that get asked in a game WORK WELL in one of the other lessons. Feel free to borrow back and forth. addition to all of our public lesson ideas, don't miss the Writing Team's wonderful Magi lesson set that includes a detailed lesson plan with three game "stations" for your kids to travel through, recapping the story, and taking a silly but serious look at the CAMELS who weren't mentioned in the story, but who carried the Magi and treasures to Jesus.


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Jesus' Birth through the Eyes of the Wisemen
A Bible Skills and Game Workshop Lesson Plan

A Wisemen ~ Magi Board Game

board.gameSummary of Lesson Activities:

Journey of the Magi game.
This lesson has instructions for creating your own tabletop board game, but the game plan could also be converted to a giant floor board game.

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 2:1-23

Lesson Objective:

Establish in the children's minds that the long journey that these foreigners took to show respect to the new king took time, care, and effort tells us about our own journey to the manger.

Leader Preparation:

Materials List:

  • Board Game about the Wisemenposter board or large sheet of butcher paper (or large canvas or colored squares if doing a floor board)
  • coloring markers
  • index cards
  • figures to serve as players' pieces. (These can be something like buttons, or even figures drawn on wide craft sticks stuck into plasticine stands.)
  • a box made into a "dice" with only 1, 2, 3 on it.

Advance preparation:

  • Make your own Journey of the Magi game board using a large piece of poster board (or if doing a large version on the floor use a large painter's canvas or colorful sheets of paper taped to the floor). Draw a simple path of squares in a circular, hourglass or figure 8 shape. An internet search for "board game templates" will give you lots of ideas; here are some to get you started.

    Make game cards by writing new moves on the index cards. Here's a simple list of moves that could be written on  cards. Some are "content" and most are just for fun. Adjust the content and # of moves based on your age range and time needs.
  1. Forget to bring gifts, return to Persia by moving back 2 spaces.
  2. You have a fast camel that makes good time. Move ahead 2 squares.
  3. You decide looking for God's Messiah isn't worth the trouble, Move back 2 spaces.
  4. Sand storm blocks view of the star you are following. Move back 1.
  5. Super hot day in the desert. Camels need more water. Go to the nearest oasis and move back 2.
  6. Clear skies for several nights. Good visibility for following your star. Move ahead 1.
  7. Herod's messengers ask you to pay a visit. Detour to Herod's place. Move back 3.
  8. Good news, Herod wants to see the baby, too. Let's you go on your way. Move ahead 2.
  9. Camels need rest. Move back 2.
  10. You think the Christmas story is about Santa and getting gifts instead of giving them. Move back 2 spaces.
  11. You realize how wonderful it is that God has sent a Savior. Move ahead 3 spaces.
  12. Star seems to stand still over certain stable. Move ahead 1 space.
  13. You find the baby, mother, and father in a house. Stop for a minute and give your gifts. (Stay)
  14. You are warned in a dream that Herod isn't such a nice guy after all. Take a secret route out of town without going back to tell Herod anything. Move ahead 2.
  15. You invite a friend to come to Christmas Eve services with you to hear the Good News. Move ahead 2.
  16. You want to thank Jesus for coming into the world with peace and forgiveness. Move ahead 1 space.
  17. Camel got sick, go back 2 spaces.
  18. Name the Gospel that the story of the Magi comes from (and if you do) move ahead 2.
  19. Explain why King Herod was a bad dude, move ahead 2 spaces. If you can't move back 1.
  20. Name the chapter in Matthew's Gospel where you can find the story of the Wisemen (if you do, move ahead 2 spaces. If you can't, move back 1.)
  21. Name the three gifts of the Magi (get all three correct and move ahead 1)
  22. Explain the symbol of either Gold, Frankincense, or Myrrh -- why they gave those gifts to baby Jesus. Move had 2 spaces if you get two or three correct, 1 space if you only get one correct.
  23. True or False: The Magi visited baby Jesus at the manger. Move ahead 1 space if correct. (F)
  24. True or False: The Magi/Wiseman may have come from what is today the country of Iraq. Move ahead one space if correct. (T)
  25. True or False: The Magi were Jews.  Move ahead one space if correct. (F)
  26. True or False: Baby Jesus may have been old enough to walk when the Magi visited him.  Move ahead 1 space if correct.  (T)
  27. Name a Gift that Jesus would appreciate us giving him. Move ahead 1 space.



Greet the children and Introduce yourself and any helpers that you have. Explain what they'll be doing today and what you hope they will learn.

Read the Bible passage creatively with your class.

Follow up questions:

  1. How difficult do you think the Wisemen/Magi's journey was to get to Jerusalem? And what does that say about their desire to find a Savior?
  2. What is a Savior?
  3. Why were the Magi/Wisemen suspicious of King Herod's reasons for wanting to find the baby Jesus?
  4. What does coming into the world as a BABY say about God's attitude towards his children?

Play the Game

To play this game, all the start pieces at start and roll to next spot, picking up index card with each roll. First player across the finish line wins.

Keep recycling the game cards until everyone reaches the finish line.

As the game is played, if you need to speed it up, offer "double bonus space move ups" for all or certain cards.

Allow those who finish early to roll the dice and read the playing cards.

You may have to make up 2 sets of game boards playing depending on the number of children you expect in your class.


Discuss what you have learned about the Magi and close with prayers that we ourselves would make the effort, with God's help, to make our own journey to greet and worship the Christ child this Christmas.

A lesson written by member LD Mckenzie and improved by the editors of

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Jesus' Birth through the Eyes of the Wisemen

A Bible Skills and Games Workshop Lesson
for those who seek Christ


Children will play an action multiple choice quiz game to help them remember the details of the Matthew's Magi story.

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 2:1-23

Lesson Objectives

  • Children can name all three gifts given by the magi.
  • Children can remember details from the magi story.
  • Children can sequence events in the Magi story.
  • Children will be able to see themselves as "seekers" who journey to be with Jesus, the Savior.

Materials List:

  • Bibles
  • 9X12 posters for each of the three gifts
  • Flipchart/board for scorekeeping
  • markers or pens

Advance Preparation Requirements:

  • Make posters for each of the three gifts:  Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Use images either drawn or from the internet for each gifts.
  • Place the letter A under “gold”, B under “frankincense”, C under “myrrh” on the posters.
  • Make a SCOREBOARD on the board or flipchart.
  • For the final question/reflection... Print the description of the Magi's three gifts from

Lesson Plan


Greet the children and introduce yourself and any helpers you have. Explain what they'll be doing and learning about today.

Introduce and Read the Story

Ask the children what they know about the Magi story. Explain that some of what we know is stuff that was made up by hymn writers or drama writers, and isn’t actually in the Bible. Invite them to pay close attention to the story as it comes from scripture.

Read Matthew 2:1-23 together or use one of the creative suggestions here at

Follow up questions:

  1. How difficult do you think the Wisemen/Magi's journey was to get to Jerusalem? And what does that say about their desire to find a Savior?
  2. What is a Savior?
  3. Why were the Magi/Wisemen suspicious of King Herod's reasons for wanting to find the baby Jesus?
  4. What does coming into the world as a BABY say about God's attitude towards his children?

Play the Game

Position the three Gold (A), Franincense (B), and Myrrh (C) "answer boards" either on the wall or on the floor about four feet from each other. This is how a team selects which answer they think is correct -- by having their entire team step in front of the A, B, C answer board.

  1. Divide children into two or three teams.

  2. Read a question and possible answers slowly to the first team. They then have 5 to 7 seconds to stand by the correct A/B/C answer. All teammates must agree.

    If they get the answer right, they are awarded 3 points. And it's the next team's turn.

    If they get the answer wrong, At your cue, ALL other players/teams have 3 seconds to stand by the correct answer. Award 1 point to the team that has all their players standing by the correct answer.

    Play now moves to the second team who gets first crack at answering the next question.

  3. Note: There are a couple of questions that have more than one correct answer. In that case, the team must have some of their players stand on the correct answers. Let them know ahead of time if the question has more than one correct answer so they can be ready.

  4. For a "lightning round" have ALL PLAYERS answer at once. Teams are awarded one point for each player of theirs that is standing on the correct answer!

  5. Use many of the questions as an opportunity to share an insight into the story and its meaning.

Reflection Time:

Describe what the gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh were and what they represented (why the Magi gave them) Consult this quick help at for details!

Then, invite students to go stand by either Gold, Frankincense, or Myrrh and talk among themselves (with some help from you) about what similar gift WE might give Jesus today. i.e. "What gifts would Jesus want us to give the world?" When everyone's ready, invite each gift-team to step forward and share their answer.

Conclude with prayer that we would all be gift-givers to Jesus.

To take home

Copy of questions to quiz parents.

If you have extra time…
Ask the children to retell the story in sequential order. If they forget something, go back to the Bibles and see what they missed.

If time runs short…
Eliminate some of the questions and move to the "All Play" option for a fun finish.

Take note of any team members who might be "pushy" or negative towards players that have a different answer.

Questions for the game:

1. When Jesus was born, who was king of Judea?
a. Solomon
b. Herod *
c. Caesar Augustus

2. How many magi came to see Jesus?
a. Three
b. Four
c. The story doesn’t say. *

3. What is the best word to describe what the Magi were?
a. Kings
b. Astrologers *
c. Professors

4. What were the names of the magi?
a. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
b. Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar
c. The Bible doesn’t say. *
(Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar are names that were created in about the 7th century in the Western church. Eastern Christians use different "traditional" names.)

5. Where did the magi come from?
a. The East. *
b. The West
c. Jerusalem

6. Why did the magi leave home?
a. They saw a star. *
b. They thought the star meant a new king was born. *
c. They thought the star’s location was the place to find the baby.

7. Where did the magi stop to ask about the child?
a. Jerusalem. *
b. Egypt
c. Nazareth.

8. How did Herod feel when he heard about the magi?
a. Worried *
b. Excited
c. Sad.

9. When Herod heard about the magi, he called together the chief priests and religious teachers. What did he ask them?
a. What do you think about those wise guys?
b. "Where will the Messiah be born?” *
c. When did the star appear?

10. When Herod asked the religious leaders where the Messiah would be born, what did they tell him?
a. "He will be born in Egypt, just as the prophet wrote.”
b. "He will be born in Nazareth, just as the prophet wrote.”
c. "He will be born in Bethlehem, just as the prophet wrote.” *

11. Herod secretly called in the magi. What did he ask them?
a. When they had first seen the star. *
b. What gifts they were bringing.
c. What was the name of the child.

12. After the magi answered Herod’s question, what did he tell them?
a. Go to Bethlehem and kill all the boys two years old or younger.
b. "Go to Bethlehem and search carefully for the child. As soon as you find him, let me know. I want to go and worship him too.” *
c. Go to Bethlehem and give the child some gifts from me, too.

13. When Herod told the magi he wanted to worship the new king, was he telling the truth?
a. Yes. He was excited that the Messiah had come.
b. No. He wanted to kill the child. *
c. The Bible doesn’t say.

14. After the magi talked to Herod, what did they do?
a. They followed the star until they came to the place where Jesus was. *
b. They went to Bethlehem and asked around until they found Jesus.
c. They followed the star to Egypt.

15. When the magi went into the house where Jesus was, whom did they see?
a. Joseph.
b. Mary. *
c. Jesus. *

16. Which of the following did the Magi NOT do when they first saw Jesus?
a. They warned his parents about Herod. *
b. They knelt down and worshipped Jesus.
c. They gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

17. What did the magi say to the shepherds?
a. In Bethlehem you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.
b. May we follow you to Bethlehem?
c. Nothing. The shepherds are in a different story. *

18. After the magi met Jesus, they were warned in a dream about something. What was it?
a. Not to tell anyone they had seen Jesus.
b. Not to return to Herod. *
c. To hurry away to Egypt.

19. After the magi found Jesus, how did they avoid seeing Herod again?
a. They dressed in disguises.
b. They hurried through Jerusalem without stopping.
c. They went home by a different road. *

20. When Herod found out that the magi had tricked him, what did he do?
a. He ordered his men to kill all the boys who lived in or near Bethlehem and were two years old and younger. *
b. He ordered his men to find the baby.
c. He cried.

A lesson written by member Lisa Martin and enhanced by the volunteer editors of

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"Find That Star"
A Bible Skills and Games Workshop for Younger Children about the Magi


Students will play the "Find that Star" flashlight Bible story quiz.numbered-star

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 2:1-12, the story of the Magi using a Storybook Bible of your choosing

Memory Verse:

"Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the East, and have come to worship him." (Matthew 2:2)

Materials List:

  • You will need a room that can get dark. Test your room for adequate darkness in advance. If your classroom can't get sufficiently dark, either choose another room that can or make the change to the stars suggested in the end notes.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries, just in case
  • Approximately two dozen Glow in the Dark star-sticker at least 2" in diameter, as well as many smaller stars to affix to the wall and create a "star field" in your classroom.
  • An additional set of small glow-in-the-dark sticker-stars you can give out to each student as a take-home award given in the game when they answer the questions.
  • A jar or basket to collect "award stars" that the children will get to take home.
  • Sandwich bags or envelopes to carry star-stickers home after class.
  • A small flashlight so the teacher can read their question cards/sheet.
  • Print or copy the questions (seen below) on paper or cards for use during the game. (Fun idea: Write the questions with a glow in the dark pen on dark paper so that it illuminates in your flashlight.)

kids on floor with heads together for Find That Star Wisemen Game

Game Play Description (which will also help you understand the materials and setup)

  1. Students will lay on their backs on the floor with their heads toward the center. The teacher will need to lay down too.
  2. The teacher hands a flashlight to the first student and tells them to "find star #1."
  3. When the student finds star #1 with their flashlight beam (and gets plenty of help from other students doing so ), they hold the beam on the star while the teacher reads question #1 to the class.
  4. You may let the child with the flashlight be the first to try and answer the question, or they may ask their classmates for help.
  5. When the individual student or all their classmates have figured out the correct answer, they are ALL rewarded with a star-sticker they can take home after class. Place their star-stickers in a group jar for all to see and distribute them at the end of class.
  6. The teacher makes the questions as hard or as easy as their kids can handle. They may give clues and should certainly use each question and answer to add additional insights.

Creating a Star Field in Your Classroom

  • Number the larger stars 1 through 12 using a marker on the star and stick them randomly around the room. The numbers need to be visible when seen by the student shining a flashlight on it, so adjust the location of the numbered stars based on your room size and star size.
  • Stick another set of unnumbered stars around the room as well so that your starfield is fun and so that it makes looking for the numbered stars just a little bit challenging.
  • "Charge" the glow in the dark stars by leaving the lights ON in the classroom at least two hours before the lesson.



Welcome the children and introduce yourself. Explain what they'll be doing today and what you hope they will learn.

Read the scripture passage together either from your classroom Bibles or a children's storybook Bible with illustrations of the story.

Consider one of the creative reading strategies described here at!

Find That Star Quiz Game

  • Before you turn off the lights, show the children how they will play the game. See the game play description above!

Questions for Find That Star Quiz:

Put these on cards or write them in glow-in-the-dark marker on a dark page to glow in your flashlight. Some of these are questions about the story to reinforce knowledge of it. Some are more like reflection/understanding questions. Shuffle and Balance them according to the needs of your kids. Explain them if needed, and help them form their answer. Let other students help too. When they've arrived at a good answer, award everyone a star by putting them in the star jar for distribution later.

  1. What town was Jesus born in? Bethlehem   What famous king of Israel was also born there? (David)
  2. Who told the Magi that HE TOO want to know where Jesus was going to be born? Herod
  3. Name all three gifts that the magi brought Jesus. Gold, (Frank-) incense, or Myrrh
  4. Which of the gifts was a sign of respect and honor to their newborn king? (gold, like in a crown)
  5. What did Herod SAY he wanted to do to when he found the baby? Worship him
  6. In what city did the magi meet Herod? Jerusalem
  7. How did the magi know to get away from Herod?  They were warned by God in a dream
  8. Where did the magi go after seeing Jesus? Home by another way. Where was their home?
  9. What gift do you think Jesus would like YOU to give to others this Christmas?
  10. What can a person do to find out more about Jesus?  (church, Sunday School)
  11. Where is Jesus right now and what do you think he is going?
  12. What do you think the Magi/Wisemen said to others about finding the savior of the world when they got home?


Laying on the floor with faces to the ceiling, one at a time, let each student have a turn  with the flashlight to find their numbered stars on the ceiling. The first student will find #1, the second will find #2, and so on. When they find their numbered star, they are to offer a word or sentence about something they are grateful for either in their life or story. They may used the phrase, "thank you Jesus for...."

Game Note: If your room isn't dark enough for this game and you can't find another darker spot to play the game, switch the flashlight to a round paper "spy" tube (like a paper towel roll tube), and stick colored star-shaped pieces of paper to the ceiling and walls in place of using glow in the dark star stickers. Intead of numbering the twelve stars, you'll call out a color which the student holding the tube to their eye must look around until they find it. Of course, they'll get plenty of help. Yes, this means you'll need 12 different colors of paper.  Still award real glow in the dark star stickers as a fun take home reminder.

This lesson was originally posted by member Christine D, and later enhanced by member of the Content Team.

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  • kids on floor with heads together for Find That Star Wisemen Game
  • numbered-star
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