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"The Popcorn Game"

It's not always easy to get the kids to all want to participate in the movie review or follow-up discussion time - so I just found this neat idea I'm going to try out called "The Popcorn Game".

It consists of 2 popcorn boxes, and it looks like 6 squishy, squeezable Popcorn balls, and 50 popcorn-related trivia questions.

The trivia questions would be fun for a special movie night.

Game can be found at

  • Popcorn Game for $39.99 Sale (Reg. $45.99) comes with to Popcorn Containers, 6 Balls, 50 Popcorn related Trivia Questions.
  • Popcorn Balls Only - 6 balls for $18.99.
  • Popcorn Container Only - $4.99 ea.

For us Canadians the shipping and duty can be rather expensive with this company, so I suggest if your budget is tight you purchase the large plastic popcorn boxes available at Dollar Giant and just order a set of the 6 popcorn balls.

Ideas for the movie workshop using the popcorn balls:

  • Teacher tosses a child a popcorn ball, that child then answers the question or has the floor for the discussion.
  • Child who catches the ball gets to ask the others a question about the movie (they make up their own or pick one from the popcorn box).
  • If they answer a question (right or wrong answer) they get tossed a popcorn ball and get a chance to toss it back at the teacher holding the popcorn box.
    Maybe a special treat for those whose ball lands in the bucket (should be fun for the kids to see the teacher try to catch their ball in the bucket!)

I'm sure as you read this or try it you'll come up with some neat ideas of your own - post them and other great ideas for discussion/quiz time during or after the movie.

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