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We are wanting to build a semi-permanent well in what is going to look like a Bible-times village courtyard in our basement. I have seen a couple of pictures of wells on this website that look great, but that wouldn't work in our area. Anyone out there that has a well that can describe what they have done? Our well will be in a main area that can't be locked, so kids could possibly be playing in/on/around it without adult supervision at times. Because of this, it can't be too flimsy, but it also has to be able to be removed if the room is needed for some other function. Any ideas welcome!
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Here's a thought ... use a large clean tall plastic trash can and line it outside (and inside if you want) with Rock Wall Corrugated Paper, has a stone pattern, from a place such as:

You can then place items around it like real or artificial plants, rocks, etc. We've used the patterned corrugated paper for oodles of things like boats, castles, wells, etc. It's flexible, easy to cut to fit, and we've used it over and over for various scenes.


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We made our well with a round shipping carton (available from some carton manufacturers). A trash can would do as well. We stuffed brown paper lunchbags from the dollar store with old newspaper to form "stones" and hot glued them to the form. A touch of spray paint to give the rocks some texture and shading and we had a very realistic looking stone well.

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