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Jesus and the Outcasts

I'm pulling information together on how Jesus dealt with the outcasts of society. Felt like with all the bullying going on today it was relevant. Here are my thoughts so far (some based on other curriculum):

  • Art: The Woman with the Alabaster Jar. She was rejected because she was a sinner. Yet she was forgiven. Using glass jars, fill them with different colored sand to represent the different gifts Jesus gives us. [More ideas see the forum on Woman/Mary Anoints Jesus.]
  • Computer: Zacchaeus. Using "Awesome Bible Stories" CD.  This software is FREE to supporting members! Check it out. [More ideas see the forum on Zacchaeus.]
  • Games: The Woman at the Well. Play games set up for one team to win to show that outcasts are often not on the "winning team." [More ideas see the forum on Woman at the Well.]

I'm still working on the 4th rotation which will be based on Jesus and Lepers. Still working on this but will either use Jesus encounter with the one leper from Luke 5:12-16 or Jesus and the ten lepers from Luke 17:11-19. Hoping the "The Miracle Maker" DVD will have one or both stories on it as Video is our most popular rotation.

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  • "The Miracle Maker" does not cover the 10 Lepers, but does cover the mad woman, Mary Magdalene, and Matthew the tax collector —all shunned by others, except Jesus.

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Now I'm thinking of using a clip from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer about "misfits" and then showing a clip from The Visual Bible: Matthew (Event #12) about Jesus' healing of the one leper. I think the class will enjoy watching Rudolph in January and the Matthew clip will bring the story back to Jesus' time.

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Illustration for Jesus and tax collectors from the Annie Vallotton Bible Illustrations Collection


Jewish leaders were angry to see Jesus eating with sinners and tax collectors. (Matthew 9:10-13)

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  • Jesus-Sinners-Eats-Matthew9-Vallotton

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