Note: We did this workshop as part of a lesson set, after the children had already heard the story The focus of this workshop is the Rich Young Man's question, "What must I do to inherit eternal life?". 

PASSAGE Jesus and the Rich Young Man: Mark 10:17-23 (can also add verses 24-31)

Key/Memory Verse: Your heart will always be where your treasure is. Matt. 6:21

OBJECTIVES for Craft Workshop

 Children will:

  • Learn what “inheritance” means.
  • Think about what their parents and God, our spiritual parent, give their children
  • Understand what God’s children inherit (eternal life, a home in heaven with God)
  • Understand how we become God’s children


Materials List


  • Bibles
  • Colorful kids' socks in size 8-13 (not short ankle socks), 1/child. The heel should be a different color from the rest.
  • Stuffing – rice, small beans, or popcorn, about 1 cup/child
  • Large bowls to hold stuffing
  • Wide-mouth funnels (optional but really helpful)
  • Spoons or small scoops
  • Small elastic bands to make doll’s arms, legs, and head
  • Googly eyes, 2/child
  • Craft glue and Q-tips OR glue gun
  • 2 Inheritance Certificates per child (attached)
  • pens/pencils/fine-tipped markers
  • Broom and dust pan to sweep up afterwards



  • Read Bible passage
  • Write memory verse on the board.
  • Make a sample sock doll
  • Print/photocopy one copy of each inheritance certificate for each child
  • Put filling in bowls
  • Assemble other supplies




  • Read the story of the Rich Young Man aloud, or ask the children to summarize it and prompt them if they forget parts. If you are reading, ask the kids to read the parts of the different characters.
  • Discuss:
    • What question did the Rich Young Man ask Jesus? (what must I do to inherit eternal life?)
    • What does the word “inherit” mean? (when someone (usually a parent) dies, they leave you something in their will and you get it. If the parents don't have a will, the law usually says that their children inherit their things anyway.)
    • What do you have to do to inherit something on Earth? (be named in someone's will OR just be someone's child.)
    • So guess what you have to do to inherit something from God? (be God’s child)
    • Does God need to die for us to get our inheritance? (Actually yes—Jesus died so we could be God’s children. But we get our inheritance from God when we die.)
    • How do we get to be God’s children? (We believe in him – John 3:16) The Bible says that when we believe in Jesus we are adopted by God as his children. (Romans 8:15b-17b)


Activity 1: Inheritance Certificates

Hand out the “Adoption by God” certificates and pens or pencils. Read it through with them. It says:

  • That if they believe in Jesus, God adopts them as his children.
  • While they are alive on Earth, what God promises to give them.
  • Who will look after them now that Jesus has gone back to heaven.
  • What they will inherit when they die.
  • How this promise was sealed.

Read the memory verse together. Tell them that the things on this certificate are the treasures we can set our hearts on as God’s children.

Show them the sample baby doll and tell them that they are going to make a baby to adopt, but first they have to fill out an adoption certificate for the baby, like the one they just filled out for themselves. In this case they are the parents, and will write what they will give their new baby.

Hand out the “Certificate of Adoption” certificates to fill out. They need to decide:

  • what they will provide for the baby while they are alive
  • who will look after the baby if they can’t any more
  • what they will leave the baby if they die (remember we are just pretending)


Activity 2: Make a Baby Doll


  • Get out the bowls of stuffing, scoops, funnels, and elastic bands. Give each child a sock. Instruct them to:

o   Use the funnels and scoops to fill their socks to just below the heel. The heel will be the doll's face. If you don't have funnels, they can work in pairs with one child holding the sock open while the other one fills it.

o   Put an elastic band around the sock above the filling to hold it in while they make the arms and legs. This is the baby's neck; everything below the elastic is its body.

o   Make feet: Pinch out a ball on one side of the bottom of the sock. Secure the foot with an elastic. Do the same on the other side.

o   Make hands: Pinch out a ball on one side of the sock near the top. Secure it with an elastic. Do the same on the other side.

o   Pour more filling into the sock to make the doll's head, using the heel as its face. Use an elastic to secure the top of the doll's head.

o   Fold down the top of the sock to make the doll's hat.

o   Glue on the eyes with the glue gun OR craft glue and Q-tips. An adult should use the hot glue gun, while they stick on the eyes.

o   Draw a smile on their doll's face with a fine-tipped marker if they want to.


Reflect – Closure

Close with a short prayer: Dear Father, Thank you for adopting us as children when we believe in your son, Jesus. Thank you for the gifts you give us here on Earth, and for the wonderful inheritance you have waiting for us after we die. Amen.

Tell the children that if they want to talk more about being a child of God, you or any of the teachers or pastors will be happy to talk about it with them.

Everyone clean up!


Doll craft is from http://www.artistshelpingchild...rafts-idea-for-kids/ . The website contains illustrations to show in more detail how to make the dolls.

 3-Sock Doll


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Two adoption certificates to use in this workshop
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