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You may also want to check with your denomination. Our presbytery purchases "blanket" license for all churches in the presbytery; each church pays a small subscription fee for this.
Jan S

Beware of companies trying to make a buck off of selling you blanket rights to something you already may have the right to use.

Using a video in a TEACHING SITUATION is "protected" and "fair use" under US Copyright Law.  


Most video producers will not tell you this, but it has been part of Section 101 of the US Copyright Law for many decades.


Thus, teaching with the Lion King or Jesus of Nazareth is totally protected fair use. But if you use those same videos in a worship setting or retreat, you are violating the law.


You only need a license for SOME types of video media IF you're going to show them in a "public" setting, such as, a retreat, playtime, worship service (considered a public gathering by US law), or for other such entertainment purposes.


SOME Christian videos do not require such licenses.  Many Christian producers specifically grant you that license to show it to youth groups, etc.



Some Christian producers include the FBI WARNING on the beginning of the video to scare people. However, notice they say "may violate" or "unauthorized".  Their warning cannot undo the US and Canadian Copyright Statues.


Do you homework, read the copyrights on the product, and know your rights.


Odds are, of you are going to use a secular video in a non-teaching situation, then you need a license.  Go to


<>< Neil

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