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Managing your profile and site preferences is easy on our new site. 

ProfileMenuTo begin, make sure you are logged in as either a registered or supporting member, then click your NAME on the Blue Menu Bar located at the top of every page at our site. This will open a drop down menu of options to explore.

This post mentions important Profile Menu highlights.  Some of these options are only open to SUPPORTING MEMBERS.

Become a Supporting Member today.


  1. "Edit Profile" link takes you to Update Your Profile page
  2. Displays your publicly viewable registration info provided at registration
  3. Access your Bookmarks List
  4. Display a list of every post you've made


  • Shows list of posts you "saved as draft"


  • If you see this lit up, it means someone has messaged you on the site.


  1. Change your password or email
  2. Change your displayed name
  3. Update the personal info "about you" provided when you registered.


  1. Privacy options
  2. Default options to "follow" (receive notification of) topics or posts you are participating in.


  • Option to receive instant emails or weekly notification of all topic/discussions/message you are participating in.

Use Invitation to Send an Email Link to Others


  • Use the Invite Form to send email invitations to friends and members of your congregation to visit  


  • Check your membership status and click "purchase" if needed.


  • Log out of your account. Handy if you're using someone else's computer.

Why Personalizing Your Profile is a Good Thing to Do

Using your Real Name as your Displayed Name in your profile helps create a sense of community. It makes the place feel more friendly and trustworthy, especially to visitors.  It's the same way at your church: names matter.

faceWe encourage you to use your REAL NAME as your displayed name.  "Jesus Ben Joseph" is so much more friendly than, "MessiahDude2016."

Then, upload a profile picture. People love to put a face with a name, and a good photo or recognizable graphic will lend friendliness and familiarity to your posts.  Profile Pic options are located on the Edit Your Profile page.

Please Note: Some profile options are only available to Supporting Members.

Including your church info and its address helps others know who to reach out to in their area. Our volunteers often use this information to help someone who's looking for someone in their area to talk to about Sunday School.

Edit Your Profile 


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