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I'm working on an art workshop lesson for the story of Jesus the boy talking to the elders in the Temple, his parents leaving him behind, etc.

I'd like to focus on the idea of Jesus as a role model = wanting to talk to his teachers.

I've been thinking about how to create a big piece of hallway art on the subject that would incorporate the kid's faces, in learning poses with their teacher, but they are all dressed in 1st C A.D. garb with a Temple surrounding.  By putting our kids in the setting, we'd be making a statement to them and to parents.  The kicker: must be able to complete in 30 minutes.

Open to other ideas as well.

Even if you have a glimpse of a crazy idea, or medium to work in, please post it, as it may just be the catalyst I'm looking for.  This is for Rotation, ages 6-12.




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Sounds sort of like a tableaux vivants (living pictures). In doing a bit of searching found this idea of kids enacting the characters in an artwork.


an example of 'living picture'


Could this be applied to this story? Are there art works that kids could mimic? 


-- Carol


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Sounds like an interesting drama or photography activity I can also use.

For art, I'm looking for something maybe messier or semi-permanent-display-reminder-ish.

Sculpture? To "articulate" the "correct posture" of someone who cares about God's word. (And bad attitudes/posture).

Or another direction entirely?
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Just an idea that poses would work well with is Simcoe St. United Church's wall mural of the kids with Jesus at the Last Supper.  The kids posed against a wall with a light on them, their silhouettes were traced and each child then simply painted their silhouette with black paint.  I'm sure anyone looking at the mural, who knew the kids, could tell who was who.  It did look pretty cool and each person head was definitely distinct.  You could focus on the waist up depending on the pose.  Could search for silhouette poses to get ideas.


Oh, I see they also wrote something on each child, may have been the name but can't remember.  You could use chalk board paint so different scriptures could be written on each child focusing on your teaching points that could be changed or do something more permanent.



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I'm struggling here because illustrating the story involves one young person, but you're wanting to use lots of young people in your mural. The "crowd" is the "teachers," sometimes called "doctors" or "elders." I don't have an art concept, but I did find some artists who did wonderful renditions of the scene. Maybe they will help inspire.


Here is James Tissot. What I love about this one is the openness in Jesus' face and the troubled puzzlement among the "doctors."


Here is Giovanni Serodine. Fabulous faces -- passionate, surprised, rapt. So much energy.


Here is a Rembrandt pen & ink. Lots of energy in this one, too, except I find Jesus strangely detached, but maybe that's the nature of the medium. I like this one better with the quick brush strokes; there might be a way to use the structure of this drawing.


Here is Veronese. I love the way his audience is scrambling to verify what he is saying in several enormous Bibles. But again, Jesus himself is "stylized" and doesn't seem to appreciate their excitement.


Wish I had an art idea.



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If you had an artist in your church that could draw the scene on Butcher block paper and then cut out the faces and have the kids pose behind the picture  with their faces lined up with the  cutout  faces,  take a picture and blow it up and put it on the big screens at church to show the congregation "what we are learning in Rotation", (If your church uses big screens)  or take individual head shots of each child and later cut them out to fit in the mural and paste them in? Kids could use the rest of the SS hour coloring the picture in.  It sounds like a terrific idea, if only we had an artist at our church.....

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