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The Gathering Room at Simcoe St. United, Oshawa, Ontario


The Last Supper (above) - painted directly over a narrow cabinet in our Gathering Room was a Last Supper lesson.

See a full set of instructions and options, along with a lesson plan for this mural in's Last Supper Art Workshop forum

In our Drama Workshop, the kids stood in a line, in profile, in the darkened room and a light was shone on them.  Their profiles where then traced onto the wall and then they filled them in with black chalkboard paint (the kids wrote their names, base of each character) creating a shadow painting of the Last Supper.  (See more lesson detail here.)

In the Art Workshop, they created the goblets and plates which they placed on the table (or in their case the top of cupboard).

The Last Supper is painted on one wall, the other scenes (shown below) are done on the opposite wall in the gathering room.


Daniel and the Lion's Den (above) mural has a rock facing attached to it and a stuffed lion. The two lions on the left is a fake fur blanket attached to the wall.


Noah's Ark and The Wise Men

Stairwell at Zion United, Mitchell's Corners, Ontario

Zion1Moses beckons you to enter stairwell.

Zion4Notice as you climb he stairs, that the stairs are "parting the water."


Zion6The Ten Commandments at the top of the stairs.

Zion7 When at top of stairs, when you look back down the stairs, this is what you see.

Notice the characters are part mural, part costume.


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