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“When Your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight.”

The Cooking Workshop harnesses the creative and intense sensory fun of making and eating foods to "taste and see" the Bible lesson.  Be sure to read "What is the Cooking Workshop?"  All our Bible Lesson Forums have Cooking Workshop topics full of ideas. Supporting Members should be sure to visit the Writing Team's exemplary and extra-creative Cooking Workshop lessons.

Feel free to add your own. Remember that links often go dead, so please post the name of the website or some other clue so that later visitors can fix the link or figure out where the resource has been relocated.


Sometimes food ingredients are used to help remember a concept or keyword or verse in the cooking workshop. Say you are creating a "Beatitudes Sandwich" and are looking for an ingredient to "represent" the word "Blessed" and "Merciful." You can go to the following website and look up foods that start with those letters, or go a google search using the search phrase.

List Challenges .com ⇒ "Foods that start with the letter ___"

Type the search phrase "foods that begin with the letter b" into their search field.

Sandwich ingredients that start with the letter "B" -- Bun!

Sandwich ingredients that start with the letter "M." Mustard, mayo, mozzarella, etc. (representing the word "merciful" in my lesson).  They have pages for most of the other letters of the alphabet too.

You can also search google for "foods that start with the letter...."

Keep in mind that OTHER aspects about foods can also teach or remind about the verse, keyword, or concept

TASTE, SMELL, TEXTURE, PREPARATION, how things are mixed, cooked, eaten, etc.  See the "manual" in this Cooking Workshop forum for many more ideas.

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"Food Pens"

Being able to draw and write a Bible verse or keywords onto food items is often an important aspect of making our lessons edible.

You can buy food pens at craft stores, but you can also make your own using food coloring and a pen cartridges.

The first video shows how to repurpose a washable marker to fill it with food coloring. The second video shows an inexpensive and reusable product called "Fantastix" (about $1 each at your local craft store) which you can use with food coloring.

Keep in mind that "what you're writing on" will make a difference in the appearance of the writing. More absorbing is better.

Make your own edible "food writer" using a washable marker

The craft stores and online retailers sell "edible ink pens" for writing on food. Here's a video demonstrating how you can make your own by repurposing a washable marker.

This next video demonstrates a "blank" pen called a FANTASTIX (originally made for inkers) that a food crafter repurposed with food coloring for easy writing.  A pack of 6 is about $6.  The demonstrator references their use with "inks" but she is going to fill them with food coloring instead.


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