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Friendship Bracelets

Make friendship bracelets to emphasize importance of showing one's love for one's friends.  Our children are too young to do the woven bracelets out of twine or embroidery floss, so we are making bracelets using leather blanks, rubber stamps with stamp pads and permanent markers. 

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"Three Weeks Through the Roof"

...a three week outline for teaching the Mark 2:1-12 story of the man lowered down through a hole in the roof to be forgiven and healed by Jesus.

I originally taught these three lessons to my 1st-6th grade classes in our Rotation Model Sunday School during a summer session. Those kids helped me test our Faith Through the Roof software (which is now free).

Week One: Miracles of Faith Video

Show and Discuss the "The Miracles of Jesus" animated video from Nest Entertainment

Prior to showing the video, post some questions about what you want the kids to look for as they watch the videos.

  1. What prompted Jesus to perform each miracle?
  2. What were the reactions of the people to the miracles? Were they all the same?
  3. What did each miracle reveal about Jesus' personality and concerns?

Afterwards... Discuss how each miracle reveals the character of God and affects those around the healed person. Discuss Jesus' miracles as "signs of his identity." (The software in week 2 also emphasizes this point).

Why didn't Jesus do miracles all the time? (his miracles were specific and he didn't do them all the time). What sorts of miracles happen every day?

Week Two: Faith Through the Roof software game

Play the Faith Through the Roof software game about the story. This program is now available free-of-charge to's supporting members at

Week Three: The Faith Through the Roof OLYMPICS!

Bible Study: Begin by seeing how much of the story students can remember. Split into teams and have them write down on a LARGE piece of paper as much of the Faith through the Roof story they can remember. Then have them post their paper on the wall. Now everyone opens their Bibles and reads through the story verse by verse together.

Stop after each verse or two and CIRCLES each team's list IF they remembered that part of the story. After going through the story, tally up how many pieces of the story each team listed (which the teacher circled).


What part of the story or verse do you think is the most ESSENTIAL VERSE to REMEMBER? Vote. This should be debatable!

Play these games after your Bible Study...

  1. Buddy Blanket Relay.... Team members take turns dragging each other on a blanket down to Peter's house to see Jesus. Two people pull while one rides on the blanket which scoots along on the floor. Emphasize the miracle of good friends who can help bring us to Jesus and help us lead righteous lives. Discuss strategies for helping friends get to church, and being positive influences on each other. Give each team 2 minutes to complete this phrase (or similar): "I want you to come to my church with me because..." 

  2. Through the Roof Drop... Using Barbie dolls and a shoe box, teammates each tries to toss their "barbie buddy" into Peter's house (the shoebox). Tie twine rope to the barbie doll or to a blanket or small piece of cloth and have kids work in pairs to swing rope to fling the doll into the box. Try different variations for fun, including "snapping" the blanket tight to fling the doll. Tape a picture of Jesus' face in the shoebox for a little extra fun. Discuss how friends can look out for their friends' spiritual and physical well-being. What are the signs that your friend is stressed out? Upset? Hurting?

  3. Pick Up Your Mat!...With hands behind their backs and no hands or teeth allowed, kids run down to Peter's house and must pick up a mat (blanket or similar) off the floor and bring it back to their team. Harder than it sounds, and fun. Discuss how the man's life was changed, how his family's life was changed, and have the kids come up with a "speech" the man might have given to others about what happened to him.
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