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Music Suggestions for Teaching Apostle Peter Stories

The following music suggestions came from Noble Road Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights, OH and were updated by our Content Team.

While you may want to choose other music, including from some new artists, we have maintained these suggestions. If they don't appeal to you, search for others. is a great source.

For EXAMPLES of how you can intersperse MUSIC with scripture and reflection questions check out our MUSIC & MOVEMENT Workshop: Resources, Techniques, and General Ideas.

Google the titles to hear them on sites like YouTube.
Print the lyrics from online as well.

1. Peter is called (Mt. 4:18-20)

Did Peter hesitate? Do you feel called and do you hesitate?

Song possibilities:
"I Want to Follow" by Cheri
"I will follow" by Chris Tomlin

also with motions by Calvary Worship at

"No Turning Back" by Brandon Heath,

2. Jesus Sends the 12, including Peter (Mt. 10: 5-25)

What does Jesus promise in return? Does that sound like it's "worth it?" Peter agreed to answer "the call" (like Samuel).

Song possibilities:
"Here I am Lord" The Vard Sisters (Or the familiar hymn by the same name)
"No Turning Back" by Brandon Heath (see above),

3. Peter Denies Jesus

Peter loved Jesus and tried to do what He wanted, but sometimes Peter failed -- a famous time is when he denied knowing Jesus (Mt. 26:69-75)

How do you feel when you fail to do what you know Jesus would want? Does God still love you?

Song: "I have been unfaithful. . . but never been unloved" Michael W. Smith  (GREAT SONG)

4. Not only did Jesus still love Peter -- He forgave him and gave him a second chance to "make it right" (John 21:15-19)

Wouldn't that make you feel good -- maybe like a prisoner set free?

Song possibilities:
"Free" Steven Curtis Chapman
"I Refuse" by Josh Wilson

5. After Jesus died, Peter proclaimed that Jesus was the fulfillment of scripture (Acts 1:15-17)

Peter continued to spread Jesus' message of God's love and became the head of the church. Often in the Bible, spreading Jesus' word is said to be like shining a light.

Song: "Shine, Jesus Shine" by by Graham Kendrick

6. Vision of the Animals on the Blanket (Acts 10: 34-35)

Eventually Peter preached not just to the Jews but also to the Gentiles. After the vision of the unclean creatures lowered on a sheet, God assured him the unclean was made clean. Does this idea of exclusivity sound like our church?

Song: "Lord of All"

7. Peter is freed from Prison

All this preaching got Peter in trouble just like Jesus said it would. There is a lovely story of angels freeing Peter from prison. (Acts 12:1-11)
Do you ever feel angels are watching over you?

Song: "Angels" Amy Grant

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