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Share your photos of Biblical timelines done at your church or seen on your travels.

(Click on the pictures below to view them as larger in size.)

 Here are some photos from State Street United Methodist Church in Bristol, TN.

They created this using the book The Big Picture Bible Timeline Book by Gospel Light, ISBN-13: 978-0830714728. This book allows photocopying of it's images.

State Street UMC Timeline

In the photo on the right you can get a sense of the overall size of the pictures by seeing the display of items on a table in front of the time-line.  


 State Street UMC Timeline

          State Street UMC Timeline

State Street UMC Timeline



 In the photo on the right, the red arrow represents the current Rotation story.

This is a timeline from a church in the Chicago area (sorry, not remembering the name. Please identify it if you can!)  




 Works of art representing various stories were hung in the approximate area of the "story."

This is the timeline that was done at our church by a local artist, Katherine Larson. It is 40 feet in length.

Below is the "before" the mural was painted...           followed by a couple sections of the "after"!

 FUMC Before                A portion of the Time line at FUMC in Ann Arbor

Timeline mural at FUMC Ann Arbor

To see more pictures of our timeline go to the web site of Katherine Larson and scroll down to select First United Methodist Church. (I am honoring Katherine's copyright and not displaying pictures here,)


Images (10)
  • State Street UMC Timeline
  • State Street UMC Timeline
  • State Street UMC Timeline
  • State Street UMC Timeline
  • Chicago church Timeline
  • Chicago church Timeline
  • Chicago church Timeline
  • FUMC Before
  • Timeline mural at FUMC Ann Arbor
  • A portion of the Time line at FUMC in Ann Arbor
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Here is a mural that also acts as a sort of "timeline" from the Presbyterian Church of Barrington, Illinois.



Not seen on the left is Abraham. On the far right is John Calvin and a picture of the church. Jesus occupies the center dominant position. Key heroes each have something in their hand that signfies what they did. Above them in the background are different types of worship buildings across the ages.The mural was painted by a member of the church on a curved wall in the CE wing.

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Here is a scan of an older photo showing another timeline of sorts based on the idea of "How the Word Has Come to Us."  We created it by projecting clipart on the wall, tracing, and painting.  This is the computer lab at the Presbyterian Church of Barrington IL, circa 1992.





The full timeline depicts a timeline of scenes of how the Word has come to us. It includes (not seen) images of God calling to Abraham, the Burning Bush, a Torah Scroll. Just visible on the left side of this photo is Paul writing in prison, Medieval monks copying texts, a PC Bible, and below that, one child sharing the Word with another.  Notice that we left space to the RIGHT of the PC !


This image on the right of the Bible connected to the computer has been picked up and improved upon by a number of computer labs.  


In 1996, I adapted the idea as Sunday Software's logo, and you are welcome to borrow it (see below)


I wonder, how would you design your Bible timeline if it was located in an ART Workshop? or a Puppet Workshop?




bible LOGO


Images (4)
  • BARR-computertimeline
  • 5-standrews2
  • 8
  • bible LOGO
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