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Below we have embedded five "Proverbs" video clips from Pursue God's featuring kids doing the acting and talking. Their site also has discussion questions.

The videos are posted for free on YouTube which allows us to "embed" them here. We've also added the URL at YouTube so you can share the links with your families or teachers for home or classroom use. We've also added some lesson questions and ideas for follow-up ACTIVITIES below each video on this page.

Originally designed for AT-HOME use, these videos can also be easily used in Sunday School or fellowship groups through about grade 6.


Our Writing Team has taken the videos below and some of the questions and activities, improved and posted them as PDFs which our Supporting Members can email to their families as @Home Lessons.

See our @Home Lesson Menu

Intro to the Book of Proverbs

  • Who wrote them? Who are they for? What are they about?
  • What's the worst/best decision you've ever made (or made this week).
  • How can you become "wise"?

Activity: Play a game of "Do As I Do" where the players "mirror" what the leader is doing. Let as many players become leaders as possible. Then, assume the role of "Jesus" and lead the players -- asking them to mirror Jesus' actions. (Suggested actions: embrace, teach, comfort, love, cross, heal, put your arm around someone, smile and nod, cry over something sad, be strong in the face of difficulty, walk with perseverance)  Ask the players what Jesus just acted out. After the game, ask the players how following Jesus and doing as Jesus does makes us "wise."

How to be a Wise Kid

  • What makes a person "wise"?
  • What "unkind" thing has someone done to you? How did it make you feel?
  • Why is it important to be "kind"?
  • Why does God want us to be wise?

Activity: Teach your group how to make a heart with your hands and fingers. Show them how to use this as a way of looking at the world -- through God's heart. See how many different ways they can make the shape of a heart using their fingers or arms/legs.

Challenge them to make the heart-sign as a group. How does our family or parent or church help us "see as God sees?" "Make godly choices with each other's help?"

Life's Biggest Choices

  • Name one important decision or choice that you've recently made.
  • Name an important decision you have to make every day regarding your behavior.
  • Why does God let us make choices for ourselves?
  • How do you "get" wisdom so you can make good choices?
  • "If it honors God, then it's a good choice!"

Activity: Have everyone share a problem they are having at home, school, work, or with a person that they haven't yet solved. Invite each person to suggest a possible solution, then ask "which solution(s) will bring honor to God (show God's love) the most?"  Follow up with the observation that sometimes choosing to honor God (showing love, offering forgiveness) doesn't always solve the problem. That's when ask God for more help and strength to "get through it" rather than being able to "make it go away."

Wisdom Can Be Your Friend

  • How does "wisdom" walk beside you like a good friend?
  • Why should we "embrace" wisdom?
  • How can you make wisdom your friend?
  • Wisdom "steers" us away from evil and helps us walk with God and recognize danger.

Activity: Play a quick game of "blindfolded walk" where a blindfolded player listens to a parent or sibling's voice guiding them around the room to avoid obstacles and dangers. For more fun, have two competing voices speaking, one trying to lure the walker into danger. What are some of the obstacles or dangers in life that God and we try to (or should) steer people away from? How do we listen to God's voice?

Learning Wisdom from Animals

  • How does each of the animals in Proverbs 30 teach us what is wise? (Ants, Badgers, Locusts, Lizards)
  • What do each of us "work hard" at like ants? (to prepare for the future)
  • What is one strength or talent you have that helps you make good choices?
  • Which "groups" do you need to spend more time with to live more wisely, safely?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for the next year or two? How can achieving your dream also bring honor to God?

Activity for Home: Gather one of your pets with you.  Discuss something good about your pet that makes them a good member of your family. Discuss how that pet (and each of you) could be treated better so that they could feel more loved.

Activity for Church: You can bring in a dog who likes kids to help this discussion. You can also show a photograph of another class, group, or special needs person in your church and discuss how YOUR group is going to make an extra effort to be kind/helpful/appreciative toward that group or person.


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