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Art Idea

Romans 13: 11-14.

"...let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; … Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ" 

My approach to this unit was to get the children thinking about a non-Roman/ alternative universe/God's kingdom/peace and justice representation of the armour of light. For my notes on this, click here . So as an arts workshop the kid are encouraged to dream up the kind of 'armour' reflected more by the phrase 'garments of God's kingdom.'

Create ‘armour of light’ from cloth

Why: To get children to think about how the comforts of God’s kingdom are different that the protection of worldly empires.

Materials: large pieces of cloth (could be old bed sheets), scrap material, felt pieces, glue, embellishments such as beads, sequins, etc.

Instructions: Have the children make ‘garments of God’s kingdom’ out of cloth.

Idea – Ephesians 6. 14-17 (not one of Paul’s letters) gives a list of pieces of ‘the full armour of God:’

• waist of truth (belt)
• breastplate of righteousness (vest or tunic)
• feet shod with the gospel of peace (slippers or sandals)
• shield of faith (cross pendant or necklace)
• helmet of salvation (bandana or hair band)
• sword of the spirit is the word of God (hey, that’s an easy one – Bible!)

Get them to brainstorm what images they might cut out of the felt or scraps to glue on to the garments to symbolize peace. I’m thinking hippie flower power, lots of daisies…!

>>Other neat ideas in this lesson set include: music/teach Last night I had the strangest dream, or Let there be peace on earth; kitchen/Goodness & light Parfaits; game/Goodness & light Mini Golf; drama/Goodness & Light Theatre (role playing); computer/Life of Christ, Life of Paul, Cal & Marty, Fall of Jericho, KidPix. For more detail, click here .

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Wormy Adds:


The "garment" or "armor of light" is meant to REFLECT God's Glory, Word, and Values to others.



How about kids designing a suit made out of SILVER MYLAR (found online in rolls, inexpensive). Kids clad in a silver/mirrored "Armor of Light" suit could be part of "life situations" skit that involved a problem, a bright light, and your two options: to reflect God, or not. By contrast, kids could also make a suit that didn't reflect light (black fabric). 

This could also be the basis for a "Science" Workshop.... reflecting light, not reflecting. And examples of focusing God's light/word (magnifying glass).  

What helps us focus God's light?  Church, Bible, Prayer.

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