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Teaching the Story of Ruth in Sunday School with Video, Audio-Visuals

Post your Video, A-V lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for teaching the Story of Ruth in Sunday School. Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, Moabite, whither thou goest, etc. Bible lessons about Ruth -with video, audio-visual, movie, video recording, animated Bible videos for Ruth.

Use the "Post Reply" button below to post your Video, A-V lessons for teaching the Story of Ruth in Sunday School.

Don't forget to check out our Writing Team's "Story of Ruth" Lesson Set. It has a great Video Workshop lesson in it!

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Veggie Tales:


I previewed the Veggie Tales DVD, "Duke and the Great Pie War" for use in our Sundays of Summer (SOS) program and am going to use it in our Ruth rotation this fall.


While not biblical in the sense of following the exact story, I think the Veggie Tale video cleverly illustrates many qualities and values from the story:

  • being kind and friendly to foreigners (the "Rhubarbarians".);
  • obligations to extended family, (one of the veggie characters says "If Gildersleves brother won’t look out for family, you must" ) gets strong emphasis;
  • "looking out for others is true love" was one of the lines;
  • the "gleaning" law is even in the video (Bob tells "Duke" to let Sweet Petunia pick up the leftover apples from the Orchard.)


I like videos that depict themes from the Bible story in a way different from what is written in the Bible. This makes for good discussion and the kids are really good at making the connections. 

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Video Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the movie Duke and the Great Pie War

This month we will be learning a bible story about Ruth and Naomi
For the purposes of this movie workshop just tell the kids that the story for October is about two women in the bible named Ruth and Naomi. Their story is very similar to what we will see in the veggie tales story.

Memory Verse:

“Where you go I’ll go. Where you stay I’ll stay. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God.” Ruth 1:16 (page 106, Little Kids’ Adventure Bible)
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Lesson Objectives for this workshop
Ask children to watch for situations in the movie where Duke Duke, Petunia and Nona demonstrate these things

  • that God is with us and will use even difficult or bad situations to bring about good. (Romans 8:28 connection)
  • Ruth(Sweet Petunia) cared for her mother-in-law and loved her so much that she did not to leave her. Explain how loyalty is also a part of loving and friendship. Encourage the children to show love and friendship, to share of themselves even to family members as Ruth did. Friendships are for family members too.
  • Children will learn that being faithful to God results in blessings – not prosperity (lots of Money), but being blessed by the people God brings into our lives

Leader Preparation:

  • Gather the materials.
  • Preview the video.
  • Read the story ahead of time.

Supplies List:

  • DVD - Duke and the Great Pie War (VeggieTales)
  • Popcorn


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

  • as you watch the movie you will be stopping it several times to ask kids questions that relate to the objectives of the lesson above
  • Distribute popcorn and water once the video has started

Cue the Movie!
1. Start with the veggie tales song - the kids love it

2. go back to the main menu - go to “BONUS FEATURES” - then to “jousting Documentary” - press play (this has nothing to do with our story but the kids-esp the boys will find it interesting. It is only 3 mins long)

3. go back to main menu – press play video BUT advance it to the purple storybook scene just past the Larry sings the blues scene.

STOP: after Petunia says “they are rather mean to me here”

Ask: How does Petunia care for Nona (loves her, protects her, feeds her, gets food for her , went to live in Scone even tho’ the people were mean to her)

STOP: after Duke says “looking out for others is True Love”

Ask what does Duke agree to do for his family Petunia and Nona (lets them pick his apples, joust for the gold duck)

STOP: after Duke finishes the obstacle course.

Ask - Duke had some troubles with the obstacle course but he kept trying and finally finished. Can you think of some troubles we might have I our life (being made fun of, bullies, no money, parents divorce, having trouble with math)
Do you think God is still with you during those troubles??

STOP: after Duke says “she has no family to look after her”

Ask: How did Duke remain faithful to Petunia and his family (by agreeing to take a pie for her)
Watch to the end when book closes

Ask: How was Duke rewarded? (everyone at the jousting match was on his side – he gets to marry Petunia)

Continue watching with Bob & Larry talking

Ask: What is true Love?

Who in the movie did not understand that God loves everyone?

Movie wrap up

Encourage the children to show love and friendship, to share of themselves even to family members as Petunia (Ruth) did. Friendships are for family members too. How can they do that??


End with a prayer.

Extra Time:
Go to main menu “Family Fun” - Select electric fence game - suggest kids can play this game at home with their families (it's also posted on YouTube at

Select Veggie Trivia - skip the first 5 questions if you want (they deal with part of video we didn’t watch.)

A lesson by member Nanci H.

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What's in the Bible? DVD #4: Battle for the Promised Land ~ Joshua, Judges, Ruth


Part 2, Chapter 4: The Book of Ruth

The "Ruth" chapter is only a few minutes long, but it's good stuff. Puts her in the context of the Bible's story.

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Video Workshop for preschool-K

Summary of Lesson Activities:
You will be showing the video “Kingsley’s Meadow – The Story of Ruth: Goodness”. It is only 15 minutes in length. Stop the video before the second story on the tape begins.

Since the movie is only 15 minutes in length, you’ll also focus on the key of the video, which is “the good you do comes back to you”.

Leader Preparation:

  • Gather the materials.
  • Read the book of Ruth
  • Preview the video.

Supplies List:

  • “Hang In There" (included in "Kingsley’s Meadow Vol. 4" DVD)
  • paddle ball(s)
  • yo-yo(s)
  • punching balloon(s)
  • Mary Rice Hopkins - song - "Boomerang"
  • CD Player


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Show the video. Stop before the second story begins.

After the movie:

  • Demonstrate the 3 different toys you have: paddle ball, yo-yo, and punching balloon. Ask if they know how these 3 toys are the same as what was sung in the closing song “the good you do comes back to you”. (They all come back to you!)
  • Tell them that you’ll be playing a song called “Boomerang” by Mary Rice Hopkins. It says that "God’s love is like a boomerang … you give it away and it comes back again!”
  • Ask how they can give away God’s love and show goodness.
  • Pass out the toys to let the kids to have a try. Give assistance where needed. Play the song Boomerang. When the song is over, have them switch toys with someone to try a different toy, then play the song again. Repeat a third time so they can try all 3 toys.


End with a prayer.


  • DVD - The story of Ruth is found in the title "Hang in There" which is included in "Kingsley Meadow 4 Vol." DVD Set, UPC #9781585168309 (OUT OF PRINT), do an internet search using UPC#.
    Can also be viewed on YouTube at
  • MUSIC - the song "Boomerang" is by Mary Rice Hopkins and is found on her CD - "In the Garden" you can listen to and order the CD through her website 

    Moderator adds second idea: this song is also included on her DVD "In My Garden" which has instructional hand motions included.  The first half is a script with interactive puppets and kids and Mary acting out the motions.  The second half is filmed just to see motions so that you can learn them.  I was thinking this is another option as you can play it right in your movie theater.


A lesson posted by Jan Marshall from: Brenthaven Cumberland Pres.
Brentwood, TN

A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.

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“Ruth” in the New Superbook Series
Episode 301 in Season 3

"Chris's Mom forgets that he has a trip planned to the lake and volunteers him to help his Great Aunt Isabel do yardwork for the weekend. Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo to meet someone who gave up everything to show kindness to her family. They meet Ruth, a young woman from Moab whose husband died, leaving her alone with her mother-in-law, Naomi, while a kind-hearted relative steps in to change their lives forever." (Animated - approx. 28 mins)

Superbook's version of the story focuses more on Ruth and Boaz, than Ruth and Naomi, which is fine because Boaz plays the role of the "Redeemer" both literally in the story when he redeems the land of his dead relative which allows him to marry Ruth, ....and figuratively in the story as a metaphor for God and Israel.

There's a 7 minute version posted to YouTube at

You can also create a free account and watch the full Ruth Episode at the Superbook website


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  • Ruth and Boaz video for children
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