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I am going to be teaching our kids the scriptures from the Roman Road path to Salvation, and I found the following resources (links included). Please let me know if you have any other suggestions, especially if there is a computer workshop idea. Thanks!

Scripture memory - Romans 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9-10, 10:13, 8:38-39

Art - 2 boards nailed together which cannot be separated, per Neil McQueens post in Romans 8

Bible Games - The Roman Road to Salvation, Obstacle course from Almost Unschoolers blog

Cooking - Concept to explain how we can not be separated from God's love - Bake cookies or bread (or any other item you prefer) and explain that we can not take the eggs out of the baked bread or other baked item.

Movie - Theo "Salvation" video (approx. 11 minutes) from "God's Desire" Vol.5

Music - There are several great songs out there - here are just a few:
The Best Song About The Free Gift of Salvation (Romans Road" by WORDology by Spencer Bernard),
The Superbook Salvation Poem song (,
Your Love is Deep by Jami Smith (

Science - Several different experiments/demonstrations: Use gravity to show that God's love is always unconditional; use 3 clear measuring cups with water, iodine, and bleach to show how God removes sin in our lives (; do an experiment to show how God's love is overflowing (

Storytelling - Scavenger Hunt through Romans from Childrens Ministry Magazine



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Hey Chris!

I had never heard the term "Roman Road to Salvation," so thanks for sharing that.

It's a collection of verses from Romans that walk a student through Paul's ideas about Salvation.

re: Computers....  seems like the perfect lesson for Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game. Kids type in key phrases/verses into the verse editor, add quiz questions and play a verse scramble game with the Roman verses.

Note: The Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game is FREE to supporting members, Learn more here!

My one teaching caveat is to remember that Salvation is not a road you walk to get something --which I think kids could easily misinterpret.

Providentially, I was just watching Episode 10 of THE BIBLE (2013) which has Saul on the Road to Damascus, and it reminded me that Jesus chose Saul before Saul chose Jesus. Powerful scene.

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