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"TEMPLE," "Synagogue," "Tent," "Oasis," Worship Photos

Many Rotation Model Sunday Schools have a special "assembly time" in their schedule that features song and worship. In some of those churches, they have a specially themed room along the lines of a Temple or Tabernacle.


In other Rotation churches, the Temple/Tabernacle/Tent/Synagogue or "Upper Room" is its own WORKSHOP which the kids rotate into just like any other workshop.  "Temple" or "Oasis" might be their name and design concept for their Bible Skills and Games Workshop. Or, it might be a special "missions" or "worship" or "spiritual practices" emphasis.  

In some Rotation Sunday Schools, they have a "Scripture Tent" or "Bedouin Encampment." This could be the corner of the room where the story is read and discussed. Or it could be the ENTIRE room in which a storyteller appears and leads the kids through the story by story and interactive demonstrations.

Some Rotation churches have a special room or spot in a workshop for "post-lesson" journaling. They might call it "The Upper Room" or design it to look like a camp or treehouse.

This flexibility and creativity is a hallmark of the Rotation Model



The "original" Temple Workshop at the Presbyterian Church of Barrington Illinois was their Bible Skills and Games Workshop. The name "Temple" came from the mural they painted on a wall to cover up the fact that the wall was bumpy. Notice the Ark of the Covenant through the open doors of the Holy of Holies which the artist left open as a theological statement.  Other Rotation churches took the Temple theme and expanded it into exciting new kinds of workshop and worship experiences.

This church created a "western camp" theme for their workshop.




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