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(Originally Posted in the MAY 2011 EMAIL NEWSLETTER)

Game - Twister

Summary of Lesson Activities:

In his second Epistle, Peter warns Christians in the New Testament church -- as well as Jesus' followers in congregations today -- to beware of "false teachers" who twist the truth of God's Word -- the Bible.  Peter also states that believers -- then and now -- increase their faith as they grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ.  God's people must study the Scripture in order to learn the truth for themselves.  As a way to remember this important message, play a game of "Twister."

Scripture Reference:

2 Peter 2:1-3


  • "Twister" game -- or components to create a game such as construction paper, masking tape, paper plates or poster board, scissors, and spinner.


Set up a "Twister" game.

How to prepare a "homemade" version:

  • Create rows of blue, green, red, and yellow circles on the floor of the playing area.
  • Large circles may be cut from construction paper or poster board, but colored paper or plastic plates would also work for the project.
  • Form "inside-out" circles of masking tape, place a roll on the bottom of each colored disk, and attach it to the floor.
  • Also prepare a spinner by dividing a circle or a square into four quadrants.
  • In the upper left corner, print "Left Foot," the lower left, "Left Hand," the upper right, "Right Hand," and the lower right, "Right Foot."
  • Use a marker or sticker to place a blue, green, red, and yellow dot in each quarter of the spinner.

To play the game:

  1. The first person turns the spinner.
  2. The player must then place his or her hand or foot on a colored dot on the game board that corresponds with the color of the circle to which the arrow points and the quadrant in which it lands.
  3. Once in position, the person must answer a question about the story.
  4. When all players are on the game board, designate someone to turn the spinner and to check for accuracy of answers.
  5. Continue the game until all questions have been answered or until the hands and feet of all players have become so twisted that it is impossible to continue the activity.


At the conclusion of the game, remind the participants that there are people who try to "twist" God's Word -- people who tell them that believing in Jesus as their Savior is not important and that living a life of faithfulness to God is not necessary.

Challenge each person to continue to read the Bible during personal and family devotions, to study God's Word in Sunday School classes and mid-week programs, and to have friends who put Scripture first in their lives.

A Game Written by Phyllis Wezeman

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