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Jonah (Testament Series) DVDTestament-DVD-Jonah

HBO aired some Bible videos several years ago in a series called "Testament: The Bible in Animation". Nine episodes were done: Creation & The Flood, Abraham, Elijah, Ruth, Jonah, Moses, David & Saul, Joseph, Daniel.

Scotland UCC posted:

We've reviewed a number of Jonah DVDs for our upcoming rotation.  The one that seems most true to the biblical narrative is "Testament: The Bible in Animation - Jonah."  I like that it includes Jonah's prayer while in the belly of the big fish.  This series is harder to find but is still available on  You can watch it on YouTube here

Jonah & The Whale (The Beginner's Bible Series) DVD

Moderator Notes: This older video can now be found on The Beginner's Bible DVD Vol. 4, a re-release in 2015.

The other three stories found on the DVD are: Joseph & His Brothers, Daniel & the Lion's Den, and The Battle of Jericho.

Update: Looks like they may be taking this out of print as Beginner's Bible are now posting full episodes on YouTube, Jonah & the Whale can be found here .

Jonah and the Whale (Rabbit Ears) DVD

Originally posted by TrinityUMC Morristown:

We did a rotation on Jonah and the Whale several months ago and used the Rabbit Ears Jonah and the Whale movie. It is animated and is 30 minutes long and the best part about the rabbit ears series is they appeal to the older kids AND the younger kids.

Moderator notes: this is an older simple style of animation - you can see a preview here at the Rabbit Ears website.

Jonah Veggie Tales (Feature Length Movie)

We had a special movie night in our theater as a Parents Night out for the kids and watched the Veggie Tales Jonah movie.

Julie Burton Notes:

The Veggie Tales Jonah movie is great. It is too long to watch in one setting, so as with other long videos, just select certain scenes.

Jo Ohrlein posted:

Here are the cuts we used for the Veggie Tales Jonah movie:

Start with Chapter 4: A Message from the Lord.
Stop when Jonah starts singing after being told to go to Nineveh (this is Chapter 6).
Start again with Chapter 7.
Stop when Jonah goes below decks in the boat (this is Chapter 9)
Start again with Chapter 11.
Stop just after Jonah gets up to walk the plank (this is Chapter 12)
Start again with Chapter 13.

(If necessary due to time constraints, stop when the whale spits Jonah out.)
Stop after Jonah gets to Nineveh.
Start again with Chapter 20.
Stop before the big musical number.

For a complete lesson that incorporates clips from the VeggieTales Jonah movie check out Jonah Movie Workshop by FUMC.

Jonah and the Whale (Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible)

Scotland UCC posted:

Another decent DVD is "Jonah and the Whale" from the "Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible" series. The series is available at most Christian bookstores.  The only problem is that it has a lot of non-biblical material added that muddies the story a bit. If you can't get hold of "Jonah" from the Testament series, this one will do, but I'd recommend doing the extra research to find the Testament DVD.

See a question set for this movie by Jaymie Derden from State Street below.


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Last edited by Luanne Payne

The Story of Jonah

Video Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

This lesson compares the Jonah scene in the movie "Pinnochio" with the biblical story.

Scripture Reference:

The book of Jonah.

Memory Verse:

Jonah 4:2b “I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God.”

Lesson Objectives:

  • The children will learn the story of Jonah.
  • They will know that God loves all of the people in the whole world and wants everyone to be saved.
  • They will compare the lesson of Jonah to their own lives.


  • Bibles
  • Journals and pencils
  • DVD, player and TV
  • Popcorn & drinks
  • Video Clips [Exchange Volunteer notes: it is assumed that the video is Walt Disney's - "Pinocchio", 2000, available in DVD.]

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the Book of Jonah and the background information.
  • Review Jonah’s travels on the map.
  • If all the video clips can be put on one video, in the correct order, it would make the lesson flow more smoothly.
  • Preview video clips.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction: 

Greet the children and introduce yourself. 

Opening Prayer: Lord sometimes we are like Jonah and don’t do what we are told to do. Help us to learn to listen to You and to follow the path You want us to take. Amen

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Ask the children to tell you the story of Jonah. Discuss the story with them emphasizing the parts that go with the clips of the story. Have the children find Jonah in their Bibles and follow along as you read the following verses.
Ch. 1: 1-4, 11-12, 15-17
Ch. 2:1-2, 9-10
Ch. 3:3-5, 10 
Ch. 4:1-2, 10-11

Now show the clips of the movie:

Clip 1: The definition of a human and feelings (0:20:45-0:21:52)

Clip 2: Pinocchio meets Jimminy Cricket (Pepe) (0:21:52-0:23:13)

Clip 3: Geppetto tells Pinocchio that tomorrow he has to go to school. In the morning Geppetto gives Pinocchio an apple for the teacher, tells him good-bye and to hurry back. (0:31:00 – 0:33:25)

Clip 4: Pinocchio is swallowed by a whale and finds his father also in the whale. (1:21:00-1:23:17)

Clip 5: Pinocchio turns into a real boy. (1:29:20-to end)

Responding to the story:

Using a chart discuss the similarities and differences to the story of Jonah. When discussing, it would be helpful to discuss the clips in the story order of Jonah. I will list some similarities as they will be harder for the children to grasp and think of possibly. The differences are fairly obvious.

Clip 3 - Similarities: Both had been told to do something and disobeyed. It might be good to discuss the act that while Geppetto didn’t specifically tell Pinocchio to go to school when he sent him off, nevertheless that is what Geppetto meant and Pinicchio understood this. It had been said the night before.

Clip 1 - Similarities: I included this clip basically for the definition of being human. Similarities of “humanness” and Christian beliefs

Clip 3 - Similarities: Jimmy Cricket and a person’s conscience telling them the right things to do.

Clip 2 - Similarities: Both Jonah and Pinocchio ended up in a whale’s stomach when they ran from their responsibilities.

Clip 5 – Similarities: Jonah ended up following God’s advice along with Pinocchio falling in love with his father. Gepetto never gave up on Pinocchio much like God never gives up on us!!

Journal entry:
Write about a time you were like Jonah and did the opposite thing you were told to do. What happened to you?

Take home message: Today we learned that the lessons of Jonah even inspire movies and can be seen in many places in our lives.


Lord, thank you for your mercy and love. Thank you for caring for us today and every day. Please help us to be obedient to you. 

A lesson originally posted by St. Mary’s Anglican Church
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

 A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.


Last edited by Luanne Payne

DVD - “Jonah” (New Superbook Series)

Joy witnesses Sharon Myers stealing a bike, and reports it to the principal. To Joy’s surprise, Principal Travis offers Sharon mercy instead of demanding justice. As Joy questions why Sharon shouldn’t be punished, Superbook transports her, Chris and Gizmo, to meet up with a prophet named Jonah. Jonah is running away from God because he doesn't think the people of Ninevah deserve God's mercy. Through Jonah's experiences, Joy realizes that mercy is a great gift to give as well as to receive.  Lesson:  God has a plan that includes mercy, love and forgiveness for all people.  (Animated - approx. 28 mins)

See reviews of the "New Superbook" DVD Series for more details on this series link).

Last edited by Luanne Payne

"Jonah and the Fish," a 3-minute animated "video short" from Saddleback Kids.

This is a nice quick overview of the entire story. Would make a good introduction to a Bible study, discussion or children's sermon.

This video contains a short story and an animated version of Jonah being swallowed by the fish. It does NOT continue the story beyond Jonah being spit out by the fish.

Bible images copyright Kirsty McAllister from Lamp Bible Pictures used with permission:

This video is actually the Jonah episode from Hanna Barbera's Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible series.

Like the other videos in that series, it is told in a 1970's cartoon style (like the original Scooby Doo's). What they get right is the sense of drama and danger, and Jonah's grumpy attitude. The kids enjoy it.

22 minutes. Here's the full episode on YouTube. DVD copies can be purchased online.

Here are some discussion questions to use after the video.

  • Who is a prophet? (someone who speaks for God, God’s messenger)
  • What did God tell Jonah to do? (go to Ninevah to preach to the people there)
  • Why did Jonah run away? (he didn’t want to do what God asked)
  • How did Jonah feel about the people of Ninevah? (didn’t like them, they were his enemies)
  • How did God feel about the people of Ninevah? (loved them, wanted to save them)
  • What happened to Jonah? (thrown overboard, swallowed by giant fish)
  • I wonder what Jonah thought about while inside that great fish?
  • What did Jonah do inside the fish? (prayed in thanksgiving to God, promised to obey)
  • What happened after Jonah preached in Ninevah? (people repented, God showed them mercy)
  • How did Jonah feel about that? (angry)
  • What can we learn about God from this story? (God loves everyone, grace, mercy, forgiveness)
  • How do we show forgiveness in our lives?
  • How do we tell others about the good news of God’s grace and love?
  • How can we change our attitude toward others who are different than us or who are not easy to love?

Short free Jonah videos

Crossroads Kids’ Club: God’s Story: Jonah – 4:15 long; includes Nineveh and repentance and God’s mercy and God’s response to Jonah’s anger (no broom tree)

Crossroads Kids’ Club: Storytellers: Jonah – 10:06 long; creative live-action retelling; ends with repentance, Jesus, and reference to 3 days; the older kids will enjoy the humor in this one

DG Bible Songs: Jonah – 4:02 long; catchy tune and good reflection on mercy and grace

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