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What are some of your favorite "go to" websites for art materials and art project ideas?

Feel free to share yours by adding a reply to this topic.

Many art ideas and project how-to sites, and art supply sites are great sources of inspiration and "how to" (or how not to) when it comes to teaching with Art in Sunday School.

A few of Carol's favorite arts and crafts websites:

(Let me know if any of these go dead - websites can be ephemeral.)

You might wonder why I include these next few on a list of ART websites. These next few are more crafts than what I’d call art but there they have some merits as noted:

Read this excellent article:

Guiding Principles for the Art Workshop

It explains the important difference between "art" and "craft" when teaching kids. It also has some ideas about how simple craft projects can inspire or be transformed into more expressive and individual art projects.

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I like the KinderArt site too!
The pattern station link has lots of free printable outlines you can use for art project templates (we recently made collages on fish outlines for a rotation on the early Christian community)

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Wow, this is really cool. And, timely. Our Michiana Workshop Rotation Model Network is meeting at noon today and the topic is -- ART IDEAS!!!

There are also sites that have posters and such that can be used with art lessons. Of course, going on Google Images is helpful. One is artinaclick.

Thanks for starting this disucssion.

Other suggested art web sites, moved here to consolidate info...

Posted by CindyLB on July 13, 2002

These are websites I have used quite often.

    Look under educators or inspiring ideas. They have some wonderful art projects. We have used "Geometric Hide and Seek", changing the geometric shapes to be symbols from the Bible story. And we will be using "Look Into Your Future" for talking about how we make plans for our future. Altering it to include God's plans for us.
    We used the Bible Friends and an activity called "Journal Friends" (I think). The kids had to write a journal entry about one of Paul's friends and then dress the character. We are also using the Friendship Quilt idea.
    We are using pictures from here to enhance our bulletin boards and make postcards of the many places we visit as we journey through scriptures.

Posted by Lisa M. on May 3, 2004

  • I find one of the best things to do is to browse through an art supplies store such as and make a list of things that sound like they might be cool to try.
  • A good source that I don't remember seeing elsewhere on this website: Imagination Factory

    Peace, Lisa
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This is a great web site if you want to find artworks to inspire the children:
(For example, look at how others interpreted the skies opening up and the Spirit descending like a dove before they paint it themselves -- or even better, after they interpret it.)

I recently stumbled on a source of art ideas in an unlikely place - the Staedtler (German pen-making company) website.  It contains a number of tutorials and art/craft ideas but I haven't yet trolled it thoroughly.

Staedtler also has a mandala creator - create and print your own mandalas with lots of design options.  This is a time sink if you are having kids create their own, though.  I have used colouring mandalas with older students as an activity for their hands while we have a discussion (this works really well for shy students - no need for eye contact) but have yet to use them in an art lesson.

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