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Psalm 23 Sunday School Lesson Set for Kids

Psalm 23 ~ "Good News for Sheep!"

Summaries of Lessons & Resources

Welcome to the Writing Team's Psalm 23 Lesson Set! Every lesson in this set has been written to help your students REMEMBER and be able to RECITE Psalm 23. To best accomplish that goal, you'll want to teach 3 or more of the lessons in a row whether you're using the Rotation Model or have a traditionally organized Sunday School.

Creative teaching methods + Repetition = Remembering!

In addition to many creative memorization activities, this set also features some "creative firsts," such as the "Scripture Mystery Boxes" lesson and the "Edible Arrangement" Cooking Workshop. We've also included a special set of "Worship Celebration" resources to help you plan a celebration of students who have been working on memorizing Psalm 23.

Insert-thumbnail-onlyThis set contains a number of printable resources, including a handy Teacher's Guide to Psalm 23 (Word doc) and a variety of printable illustrations, including flashcards. Each can be modified to suit your translation preference. The wonderful illustrations in many of these resources are used by a number of the lessons to reinforce memory across the lesson set.

The Bible Background is open to all. The lesson plans and resources are only open to Supporting Members who make this site and the work of the WT possible. Join today!

Scripture: Psalm 23

"The Lord is my shepherd..."

Bible Background

Read the Bible Background and this lesson set's learning objectives.

Lesson Plans

Scripture Mystery Box Workshop

Students learn to remember each verse of Psalm 23 by touch using a set of unique "HANDS IN" Mystery Boxes. This lesson was a big hit with our "test students" and the boxes can be reused for other scriptures.

goodness-chase-legoLEGO or Story Table Workshop

Choose from either LEGOS or "Story Table" action figures and props (or both) to build and re-enact Psalm 23.

Ps23RodStaff"Eating Psalm 23" Cooking Workshop

Students assemble kabobs of fun foods that represent key words and concepts in Psalm 23, then place them in a special "take-home" canister that has reinforcing images and verses from the psalm with it.

Psalm 23 Game Stations Workshop

sheep-ball [1)Students play through a series of Psalm 23 games designed to help them remember each verse and explore their meanings. Includes plenty of game adaptations for different age groups and class lengths.

Computer Scripture Memory Workshop

Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game softwareUsing a scripture memory software program and another fun program. Students create and play their own Psalm 23 Verse Scramble, then finish with a game of "How Few Can You Do?" in which students condense the psalm to the words that they think are its essentials. Both software are FREE to supporting members. Learn more!

Psalm 23 "Flat Lay" Drama Workshop

Students use the fun "flat lay" (a.k.a. "sideways") acting technique pioneered for Sunday School here at to act out the individual verses of the psalm. As they do, they will also be expressing some of the insights into the meaning of Psalm 23's unique words and images.

Teaching Printables, Video clips, and Additional Resources

A Teacher's Guide to Psalm 23 (verse by verse insights), Flashcards, and illustrations used in the lessons of this set. Also includes additional Psalm 23 teaching resources from the Team, including links to recommended Psalm 23 videos.

Worship Celebration Resources

Suggestions for recognizing students in worship or a ceremony, Includes celebration ideas, Psalm 23 prayers, children's sermons, Psalm 23 hymns, Contemporary Christian music videos (with study questions), and more.

Members of the Psalm 23 Writing Team:   

Pam Bryson, Nancy Eubanks, Carol Hulbert, Dawn Parr, Luanne Payne, Amy Crane (Editor), and Neil MacQueen (Lead Writer).

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