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Isaiah Promised ~ Jesus Fulfilled!

Lesson Summaries


Isaiah 7, 9, and Matthew 1
Emmanuel!  Great Light!

Wonderful Counselor!   Prince of Peace!

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While other Advent Rotation-style lessons focus on the various actors and episodes in Jesus' Birth Story, this set of lessons focuses on what the story TEACHES US about the kind of Messiah that Isaiah taught us to look for, why God sent the Messiah into the world, and how we know Jesus is the one we have been waiting for.

The above graphic spells out the main objective of this lesson set

— that your children would see Jesus as the one promised by God through Isaiah.


Passages: Isaiah 7:14 (KJV), Matthew 1:20b-24 & Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 (NRSV)

Key/Memory Verse: "Since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God; they are now justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus." Romans 3:23-24 (NRSV)

“See, I am making all things new.”  Rev 21:5b (NRSV)

Rotation Objectives for Isaiah Promised, Jesus Fulfilled

After completing this Rotation, participants will be able to:

  • Recall Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 approximately word-for-word.
  • Recall Isaiah 7:14 word-for-word. (These words are repeated in Matthew 1:23)
  • Be able to unpack what the following words mean: Emmanuel, Yeshua/Jesus, Messiah/Christ/Savior/Anointed One.
  • Convey what Isaiah promised, and express how Jesus fulfilled Isaiah's descriptions of the coming Messiah.
  • Express why they believe Jesus is God in the flesh.

Lesson Summaries

Bible Background for Teachers

A "must-read" review of the Bible Story, Key/Memory Verse, and explains the learning behind our objectives for this lesson set. Includes commentary on the scriptures for Sunday School teachers.

Explains the meaning of the titles and names used by Isaiah, and how God's promises through Isaiah's words form the foundation of our understanding that Jesus is God, our Emmanuel.

Workshops in this Lesson Set

These lessons are written in the Rotation Model's "Workshop-style," but can easily be adapted by traditional Sunday Schools. In Rotation, students would rotate into a different one of these lessons each week.


A very special lighted illustration project that teaches the names and titles (and their meanings) that Isaiah used to describe the coming Messiah.

Bible Skills & Games

Creative games and demonstrations with flashlights that illuminate the "great light" Isaiah spoke of, "enlightening" your students, and teaching them how to reflect that light!


Explore the meaning of the titles, names, and hope expressed by Isaiah through Fluffy and God's Amazing Christmas Adventure software -- FREE to supporting members! Why did the people want a king? And what does the word "Messiah" really mean? You'll know!


Make and take home rock-candy using a fun cooking lesson that makes the meaning of Emmanuel "crystal clear" and illustrates the reward of faithful waiting.


Students perform and make a quick and fun video "Parade of Old Testament Heroes and Zeroes" to explore why God wanted to be king all along.  Isaiah is Grand Marshall, and God has quite a role. Humorous script included. Might make a good Christmas play as well!


Isaiah tells his life story using props, and teaches his most famous scripture (Is 9 Wonderful Counselor!) through hand motions. Has a "red-hot" reflection!

Video / Audio-Visual

After viewing an amazing free 8-minute film which dramatically explains the Bible's Story and how the coming of the Messiah fits in it, your students will make their own movie trailer about Isaiah's dramatic promises!  (fun Script included)

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Things you need to know about the lessons in this set:

The lessons in this set were written to complement each other. Each lesson approaches the story using a different teaching medium, and each lesson has a slightly different emphasis.  

Whether you use the Rotation Model or not, ideally you would teach SEVERAL of these lessons over a period of weeks during Advent. 

What is the Writing Team?

Volunteer lesson writers have been getting together to write sets of workshop lessons since 2002. Over four dozen volunteers have taken part in this ministry assisted by professional writers. Because that intensive help required professional assistance paid for by our Supporting Members, only Supporting Members get access to the lessons themselves. It's a major benefit of supporting our site.

In 2015, our volunteer Board began the Writing Team Renovation Project. Every volunteer-written lesson in every set is being improved or replaced by professional Rotation curriculum writers, under the guidance of the Board. Our goal is to make the "WT" lesson sets exemplary of the Workshop Rotation Model style and extra-creative, with the ultimate goal of training and inspiring volunteer writers to new heights. Volunteers continue to work on the WT sets, and you are welcome to join the team by contacting us.


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