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Jesus Feeds the 5000 Writing Team

Lesson Summaries

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John 6:1-15 (Jesus Feeds the 5000)
and John 6:35 ("I am the Bread of Life")

The lessons in this set focus on a story so important that, other than the cross, Jesus Feeds the 5000 is the ONLY story found in all four Gospels!

Students will learn the story and learn that the word "miracle" means "sign" (special message). They will learn that Jesus performed the miracle to reveal his identity to the crowd as the One promised by God (John 6:14). Almost immediately after the miracle, Jesus also teaches his disciples that he is the "Bread of Life" come down from heaven (John 6:35).

This set of lessons explores the sign Jesus gave then and gives now, and encourages students to think about their response to Jesus' revealing miracle.

Read the Team's Lesson Objectives and Bible Background for this set.

Summary of Lessons and Resources

Bible Background and Lesson Objectives

Open to all. Our Background was written for teachers to help them understand the original meaning of the miracle and the question it puts before us about our response to learning who Jesus is and what it means to believe in him. The Background features language, questions, and insights that can be directly used with students. The Background also contains additional insights for those who want to go deeper.

Art Workshop

We've created an exclusive teaching script that guides you and your students through the creation of a Kandinsky-style "circle painting" of the Bible story. The scripture reading is interwoven with teaching comments and the creative painting process in a way that allows each student to uniquely express their understanding of the story, put themselves into the picture, and express their own response to Jesus' message. Lots of adaptation notes for younger and older students.

Bible Skills and Games Workshop

FISH-IAMsmIn this fishing inspired lesson, your students go fishing for scripture and discussion questions in the Sea of Galilee from their hillside perch. They then play a memorable version of "Sharks and Minnows," adapted for this story to share key insights into our response to Jesus' miracle.

Computer Workshop (Lab or Group Presentation)

This lesson has two software options, one uses the game "5 Loaves ~ 2 Fishes" and the other uses a scripture memory game. The lesson has been written to accommodate both those with only one computer and those with multiple computers. Note: Both software are FREE to supporting members, Learn more here!

"Singing in the Shower" Music ~ Drama ~ A-V Workshop

"It's so hard to get my kids to sing!" ...said by no teacher who ever used this lesson!  Dive in here to learn a fantastic new technique for getting kids to sing ON CAMERA while their fellow students watch "on TV."  This lesson includes a "Mad-Lib-like" lyric creation exercise to reflect on the meaning of the story using two popular and totally singable songs: "Awesome God" and "Baby Shark."  (Yes! Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo.)


Storytelling & Toast Workshop

jesusbread-0Students start out with an interactive telling of the story, rendering motions for certain repeated key words. They then make tasty "Jesus Message Toast" using a technique created especially for this lesson!

Video Workshop

Led by our teacher's guide, students watch and discuss "Bread of Heaven." Then for further reflection and lesson memory, they play a fun game using a version of the "Simon Says" style game "Frog in the Pond" created just for this lesson. Included with this lesson are reviews of other videos that cover this story, and why we don't recommend some of them!

BONUS RESOURCE:  "I AM" ~ a music video  ...Open to the public

This unique music video fuses scenes of Jesus feeding the 5000 from the "Son of God" movie with Finding Favour's powerful "I AM" contemporary Christian song. Our "I AM" page includes a link to the video and discussion questions.

For use in worship, gathering time, with all ages, and with youth.


Brainstorming & Writing Team members for this set:

Jaymie Derden, Kat Green, Donna Grabert, Neil MacQueen, and Luanne Payne


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