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A "Mash up" of the song, "I AM" by Finding Favour

with the "Feeding of the 5000" scene from "Son of God" (Sony, 2014)

Video mashup and study created by Neil MacQueen for the Writing Team

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Use it in worship, children or youth worship, gathering time, fellowship group or as part of a lesson.

Some study questions for use with the "I AM" the music video

  1. Why do you think this song was combined with scenes from THIS particular Bible story?
  2. What does "the whole world dream of"?
  3. How does the miracle (literally: "sign") of the fishes and loaves bring comfort to those who might be afraid, and refuge to those calling out for God?
  4. Do you think the people expected God that day? Do you "expect" God in your life?
  5. In John 6:14, who do the people DISCOVER that Jesus is?
  6. In John 6:35, who does Jesus TELL the people that he is?
  7. Whose name is "I AM" ??  (In Hebrew, "I AM" is spelled YHWH, "Yahweh" the name of God)
  8. How is Jesus like your daily bread?
  9. What happens when people don't ask Jesus to be with them, heal them, and feed them?
  10. When we fail to understand or believe, does Jesus abandon us?

    Let's watch the video one more time.

Lyrics copied from Google here

While you were sleeping
While the whole world was dreaming
I never left your side
And I can promise I won't be leaving
I watch you breathing
And I hear you singing
I feel your heartbeat and I know every pain
That you're feeling
And I am the comfort when you are afraid
I am the refuge when you call my name
I was, I'll be, I am
I know you're broken
You're busted wide open
You've fallen to pieces and you feel there's nothing left
You can hope in
But I'll hold you together
We'll stand the weather
Cause I paid the price for you
And I won't let you go, no never
And I am the comfort when you are afraid
I am the refuge when you call my name
I was, I'll be, I am
And I am the future, and I am the past
I am the first and I am the last
I was, I'll be, I am
I am the Father, I am the Son
I am the Spirit, I am the One
I was, I'll be, I am
And I wore the thorns and I took the nails
I am love, and love never fails
I was, I'll be, I am
I am, I am, I am
Songwriters: Carl Cartee / David Blake Neesmith / Nathan Timothy Tomberlin / Allen Stanford Dukes / Joseph Dustin Daniels / Aaron Daniel Tomberlin
I Am lyrics © Universal Music - Brentwood Benson Publ., Universal Music - Brentwood Benson Songs, Songs Of Emack, Electracar Publishing

Music ("I AM") and scenes from "Son of God" (Sony, 2014) used with permission.

FYI: Here is a list of other videos I've mashed up for Writing Team stories...

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Hi Donna.

No, there are no copyright issues for using this music video in your teaching.

When we uploaded it, YouTube's magic software checked the music against the music publisher's copyright agreement with YT and granted us its standard license for non-commercial use and teaching use. When it came to the video, however, at first YouTube objected to our use of the video -- because their agreement with Sony (the movie's publisher) didn't permit using any portion of Son of God on YouTube. In our appeal to YouTube and Sony, we cited US Copyright Law's Fair Use statute (protecting non-commercial teaching use of a limited portion of a work) and that fact that by mashing the music with only a small portion of the video we had created what's called a "Transformative Work" for the protected purpose of commentary/teaching. Once we made that argument, Sony and YT agreed and permitted our upload to go public! 

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praise1 posted:

I never seem to be able to download youtube videos, regardless of the service I use. Any chance you could upload it to vimeo?

Hi Kolleen. I was able to download it through  It was just under 100mb. See my instructions and caution on this page about "downloading from YouTube."

I can't post the download to you because that would be 'distributing" it, which the educational use exemption in Federal Copyright Law doesn't permit. Don't want to get Rotation sued. 

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