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Notes about what makes this set "super"!

What is an Elijah "SuperSet" ?

Elijah the Prophet"Super Set" is what we in the Rotation Model world, call a lesson set that covers more than one story. Traditionally in Rotation thinking, you only choose one story and teach it. But sometimes we cover more than one story in a set when we have a great reason to!

And here are those reasons why we've combined Elijah's three main stories into one "superset" of lessons:

1. These three stories are like three acts in one great drama.

a. Zarephath is the beginning of Elijah's story, revealing his and God's heart.

b. Baal vs. Yahweh and the Still Small Voice is the heart of Elijah's message.

c. The Chariot/Mantle/Elisha is an important finale and life application.

2. These three stories are very vivid and easy to remember, and thus, we can move more quickly through them without getting bogged down.

3. We wanted to be realistic. We know the odds are against any Rotation Sunday School being able to devote three different, four or five week Rotations to each one of these stories. (And yet, each is a wonderful story!) So our solution to this scheduling dilemma was to create a "Super Set."  In effect, treating the three stories as one large story, and using most of the workshops in the set to teach that broad focus.

By the time your kids get through this four to six week "Super Set," they will have the following:

  • Working knowledge of Elijah's highly memorable, three major stories.
  • Understanding of the role and importance of Elijah as "the proto-type prophet."
  • Understanding why and how Elijah figures into the story of Jesus. 
  • And a challenge to pick up his mantle and continue his ministry as the "forerunner of the Messiah."

A Note to Traditional Sunday Schools using this Super Set

Traditional Sunday Schools teach a new story each week. We suggest that you cherry-pick two of the "more overall" workshop lessons from this Super Set, such as the more "story-focused" Computer and Video workshops. 

The Game and Table Top Workshop lesson plans will make more sense if you have already taught the Video or Computer workshops.

For more on the importance of Elijah and his three amazing stories, read the Bible Background.

Written by the Writing Team
Graphics used with permission.


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