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Two videos I have come across are:

  • From the Jesus A Kingdom without Frontiers Series by CCC of America - The Story of Zacchaeus.
  • Quigley Band: Short Legs & Tall Tales by Zondervan Corp. for ages 2-7.  I have not viewed these. Has anyone seen these and can comment on their content etc...?
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The Quigley Band videos are very old and was only ever done on VHS.

The Jesus Videos (CCC) look very interesting. They are Italian owned, Japanese animated Roman Catholic videos that originally appeared on Italian Mondo Tv in 95-96. 25 episodes.

They are easy to find at various websites. Oddly enough, CCC's main website only sells their OT videos.

Has anyone seen these? Are they good?
You can view a video clip of one of the Jesus CDs (animation looks very Japanese... like Speed Racer).

If you have seen these, please offer an opinion here!!

The Quigley Band Videos I do not recommend.  The Jesus: A Kingdom Without Frontiers - see review of this series here in the Video Reviews forum. 



Newer Recommendations:  for the younger children ages 3-6 (by Luanne)

  • "God's Little Heroes! (Bible Bedbug Gang Series), Vision Video, DVD - 727985009254.
    David & Goliath, The Itty-Bitty Marching Band (Wall of Jericho), and Zacchaeus. Approx. 23 minutes (approx. 7 mins. per story).

    This is an older style animation but tells the story well for little ones and each story includes a fun song.

  • "Jesus Stoybook Bible Animated" DVD Vol. 4 (Part of the Jesus Storybook Bible Series by Sally Lloyd-Jones), 2013, 9780310738466.
    This is done in a simple animation told by a storyteller, but again well done.  Includes 12 stories, each approx. 5 mins. in length.  #2. The man who didn't have any friends is the story of Zacchaeus.


An Australian re-telling:  Jesus and Zack.

"Zack decided to be a better bloak!"

Fun, short, show it twice.

Full preview on youtube:

Animation Company:

Here's their youtube channel:

Download it for $12 from their website at

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