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This collection of Sunday School teaching ideas and resources is organized by "TOPICS" such as LENT, Stewardship, Peace, Prayer, Thanksgiving, Mission, Church, Grace, Trinity, Maccabees, and some other historical subjects that often get taught in Sunday School.

If you are looking for teaching resources for a SPECIFIC Bible story, go to that story's forum in our Bible story forums. Resource Topics such as Teacher Training, VBS, Fall Kickoff, and Small Sunday School, can be found in our General Sunday School Resource Forums.  Advent lesson topics and resources are found in the "Birth of Jesus" lesson forums.

Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Stewardship lessons and ideas for children's Sunday School and at-home use.

Most Recent Post Stewardship & Gratitude Lesson Ideas

Lent resource forum. Links to Lenten lessons and ideas at our site. Also: At-home lenten celebrations, learning, events, spiritual practices. Lenten meals, Seder, programs. etc.

Most Recent Post More Great Teaching Ideas, Resources, and Lessons for Lent

Grace, Salvation, Baptism, Communion, Creeds, Promises of God, Trinity, Apostle's Creed, etc.

Most Recent Post Trinity, Holy Spirit, etc. ~ Ideas for teaching children

This forum is a resource "catch-all" of topics that get taught in Sunday School. Peace, Mission, Justice, Women in the Bible, Mother's Day, and all sorts of teaching ideas that are broad and/or don't quite fit into a specific Bible story lesson forum.

Most Recent Post All Saints, All Souls Ideas (not complete lesson plans)

Life in Bible times. Lessons from the Apocrypha, Maccabees, etc.

Most Recent Post COMPLETE LESSON SET: 1 Maccabees - The Story of Hanukkah ~ Rev. Ron Shifley
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