Writing Team Lesson Sets & Public Lesson & Idea Forums for stories from the Exodus and Wandering in the Wilderness. Moses to Joshua.

This set teaches the four important Exodus "water and wilderness" episodes: Red Sea Crossing, Bitter Water Made Sweet, Manna from Heaven, and Water from the Rock. We fear and doubt --God saves and guides. We complain --God gives. We get angry --God forgives. God leads us through the wilderness --we should follow in faith.

This set, formerly known as "Moses: Sea and Sand," has been completely rewritten.

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This forum covers Moses as a baby.

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While this forum is primarily about the Burning Bush, some lessons in this forum also contain other parts of the Moses in Egypt story.

Most Recent Post DRAMA or PUPPET Workshop Lesson and Ideas for Burning Bush

This forum covers Moses in Egypt, Pharaoh, Plagues, Passover, and Red Sea. It does not include Sinai wandering stories or Ten C's.

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Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy.
This forum includes the stories from the Red Sea through the Sinai and towards the Promised Land (stories which are scattered across or repeated in Ex/Lev/Num/Deut). Some lessons here include the Red Sea story as their starting point. This forum includes: Manna, Marah, Rock of Horeb, Tabernacle, Spies, and the Israelites wandering toward the Promised Land.  

NOTE: Some Red Sea stories are include in the Moses/Pharaoh forum. The Ten Commandments stories are not included in this forum, and instead, have their own forum.

Most Recent Post GAME Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Sinai Wanderings, Manna/Marah/Rock, Spies, etc.
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