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Teacher Training Handouts

Here's one of our free Teacher Recruiting handouts...

"10 Great Reasons to Teach Sunday School"

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The "10 Great Reasons to Teach" handout is part of our free teacher training handouts and training event resources available to our registered members and our supporting members in our "Paste in My Hair"Teacher Training Resource Forum. (Registration is required to access the Training forum resources.)

  Register Now to access more great teacher training handouts and training events. was founded in 1997 to share lesson plans and ideas and support teachers in Traditional and Rotation-style Sunday Schools. Learn more about us.

The main feature of our site is Free Lesson Plans & Ideas organized by Bible story using discussion board software so people can contribute and respond to ideas.

Within our free Lesson Forums you'll also see links to many sets of extra-creative lesson plans written by our Writing Team and available to supporting members. Learn more about our Team and see its lesson set menu.

A few of our other "Paste in My Hair" Teacher Training Resources

  • Teacher "Be-attitudes" 
    A printable, shareable excerpt from our Be-attitudes Training Event. 

  • "Low Hanging Fruit"
    How to glean creative teaching ideas straight from the Scripture Text itself.  ...a printable, shareable excerpt from our full "Low Hanging Fruit" article.

  • What Would Jesus Ask?  
    Classroom discussion questions for every lesson. Includes a graphic of kid-friendly discussion questions and a reminder to keep Jesus in all our lessons. Links to a much more detailed conversation between a pastor and Church educator about the "Jesus Gap." 

  • How to Stoke Your Creativity and Expand Your Teaching Vocabulary by Doing Simple Bible Word Studies -- a one-page handout of highlights, technique, and online resources. Links to a much longer and detailed article at our website with many examples of word insights lead to creative lesson ideas.

  • How to Write a Bible Background for Teachers and Students

  • Connecting With and Caring for Students Beyond the Classroom

  • Where's That Come From ?!? -- the often surprising journey from blank page to creative lesson plan

  • The Seven Secrets of Super Sunday School Teachers

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