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Reply to "Advent Bible Story "Trails," Walk-Throughs, "Live Nativity""

Thank you for these great ideas Cathy!  

The "trail" or "stations" idea seems like the perfect fit for Advent during the pandemic where smaller and "outdoor" mean "safer."  

I could also see the "trail" idea morphing into "Advent Worship Stations" as well, with socially-distanced small groups being led to various "stations" in the woods or wherever to discover a scene from the Bible story being re-enacted, or a character from that part of the story reciting the verse and asking a question.

The small group could conclude with the singing of a Christmas Carol/Hymn before moving on to the next station. Invite participants to come in costume and distribute some to those who need them.

This could be a nice substitute for the traditional "Family Xmas Eve" service.

Advent Treasure Hunt?

CreativeCarol, a member of, mentioned that your Trail idea reminded her of "geo-caching" -- an activity where participants find "secret" locations using the GPS on their phone (or pins on a Google map). Arriving at the location and using additional "clues" they find a "buried" or slightly hidden treasure (usually a box), open it and add their name and date to the treasure's logbook.

An Advent "Geo Caching" or Treasure Hunt could include special messages/scriptures in each geocache, and perhaps something to collect, such as a small ornament.

Here's a YT video clip with a quick overview of geo-caching, what it is, how it works.   Fun activity for families.


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