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Reply to "BIBLE SKILLS & GAMES Workshop Lessons & Ideas for Good Samaritan"

Here's an idea we used for our Games Workshop on The Good Samaritan/Greatest Commandment. 


Who’s My Neighbor? Puzzle



  • Pictures of people and maps from around the world (download from internet or cut from magazines or old Sunday school curriculum). We included pictures from Africa to connect with our Mission Study – one set for each class session
  • Large piece of red poster board – one for each class session
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape


Advanced Preparations:


1. Make one poster board puzzle for each class session you will teach! OR you can allow the kids to make their own puzzle.
2. Cut the poster board into a large heart.
3. Cut out the pictures and glue onto the red poster board heart, covering as much of the heart as possible.This should look like a collage of pictures.
4. Allow glue to dry.
5. Turn the poster board heart over and write the memory verse using a permanent marker, including the Scripture reference.
6. Cut the poster board heart into puzzle shapes – at least one piece per child in your class.
7. Before class (or if kids are making the puzzle, have the shepherd take them outside to review memory verse while teacher hides the puzzle pieces around the classroom.




1. Have children search the classroom for the puzzle pieces. Once a child has found a piece, direct him/her to help a child who has not yet found a piece. Each child should have at least one piece.
2. Once all pieces are found (be sure to count how many pieces you hide!), have children put the puzzle together with the verse side on top. 
3. Use small pieces of tape to hold the puzzle together.
4. Carefully lift the puzzle and turn over to see examples of all of our neighbors!
5. Give children a puzzle piece to take home to remind them to be a good neighbor and to pray for those in other nations. 

6. Kids could maybe write a prayer or a way they could help the person/s on their puzzle piece.


Ask:  How can we help a neighbor who is close by? What about a neighbor who lives faraway (such as Africa)?

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