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Making Jonah's Whale

This thread is for posting ideas and instructions for creating Jonah's "Whale."

See more pictures of this project at

There have been many versions of "how-to" over the years.

All essentially involved the same idea:  Lots of plastic, packing tape, and a strong fan.

The size depends upon your needs.

There are different types and weights of black plastic that you can buy (look online or at your local construction supply store). The heavier your plastic and larger your whale, the stronger the fan needed. Strong blower fans, such as those used to dry carpeting, work well. They can be rented, but you might ask your church's carpet cleaning company for a loaner.

At least one post below includes an Instruction Document.

There's also a post to a science teacher's "whale net" website with pictures.

Time = about 3-4 hours by some estimates.

Results = Awesome! the posts below will tell you.

If you have photos, please ATTACH THEM to a post here for all to enjoy.

(Try not to link to them at your church site, as eventually the pic gets moved and the link will go dead).

Here is one church's quite elaborate whale and the ocean room they built around it for their VBS.



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