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Good Samaritan - Cooking Workshop Idea

Chicken Pot Pies


Good Samaritans LOOK and PREPARE for opportunities to serve


Make a Chicken Pot Pie to FREEZE and give to a neighbor in need or church member when the time is right. 

Fill frozen pie shells with the meat mixture. Use a 2nd shell for the top crust.

Meat mixture consists of: 3 - 4 cooked chicken breasts, 4 med potatoes, 2 small - med carrots, 1 sm bag frozen peas, 1 pkg St. Hubert or Swiss Chalet gravy. 1 sm onion.

Cut meat into bite size pieces, veg into small pieces. Place all into microwaveable dish with prepared gravy and cook on high for 10 mins.

Fill 3-4 bottom shells with filling. Cover each filled shell with another shell for top.

Make a card for your gift that says "Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour."

Either freeze first , or give the pies with instructions to freeze to your Pastoral Care team for distribution to a church member in need.


Include a card from the children.




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