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Reply to "MUSIC and MISC Workshop Ideas and Resources for teaching about the Wisemen, Magi, Star of Bethlehem"

Editor's Note:
This post was originally made in response to a question about "making stars" to put in a classroom and on an art project.

Your MISC Workshop Ideas and Resources for teaching about the Wisemen/Magi ideas are welcome.

Star Ideas

The lesson theme: "Stars Still Lead Us"

  • Who and What are the Stars today who point us to Christ?
  • How do WE shine a light on Christ in a dark world?
  • How do we reflect Christ's light?
  • What's trying to block the light? Distract us?

Misc Ideas for making and displaying stars

In addition to being a small activity, this idea can also grow into a "Star walk through" area in a classroom or church hallway -become a display for all students or the entire church to enjoy and ponder.  The following is a running list of ideas, many of which could be combined to create a star trail, or simply be used for a classroom activity/display.

  • Peel and stick glow-in-the-dark stars
  • Glow in the dark paint stenciled with star sponges.
  • Foil covered stars that pick up the light.
  • Star Shower (popular Christmas lights device) shining in a special hallway decorated with shiny "stars" (foil framed pics of kids, words from the story, etc).
  • Poke holes in cardboard and stick tiny Xmas lights through them to spell words or outline shapes.
  • If you have removable ceiling panels in your classroom or hallways, you can buy extra panels and decorate them using florescent paints to get people to "look up."
  • Xmas lights can be laid on the floor -with a path through them for people to walk "above the stars" to see the true star.
  • People can be stars...if they point us to Christ. Create 'star plaques' painted with florescent paints and glitter, and fix pictures of church leaders to present as gifts to those who "Lead Us to Christ."
  • Paint with "glow in the dark" Magi Skies using acrylic paints on flexible clear plastic (the kind in a shower curtain). These can be hung in children's bedrooms. Include designs, gifts, message, scripture. Use hole punch on corners to attach string for hanging.
  • A display to "see yourself as a star for Christ:"  At the end of the hallway is a large box with a hole to put your head through. On the inside of the box is a mirror so you can see your face. The box has a light inside it. Shiny tin foil lines the inside of the box where you put your head through it. A sign above the hole is visible only when you look inside and reads: "How can you be a shining light for Christ?" ...and suggests several answers.

starshower"Star Shower" device beams a variety of patterns/star effects. Cover certain shapes and words, like "Messiah" or "Hope" with tin foil and place on the ceiling so that they glimmer extra bright when the Star Shower hits them.

Feel free to add your ideas!

<>< Neil


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