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What would you write or draw on these Dixie Cups?   

I saw this simple idea where kids stick Xmas lights through the bottom of dixie cups, and the Sunday School teacher in me immediately wondered: what they could write or draw on those cups.

dixiecupstarsHow could they be decorated with stars and images and words from the story?  

I'd use plain un-waxed paper cups, rather than the wax-covered "dixie" cups so that markers and decorations would stick to them. Wondering how to cut star shapes out of them. I suppose you could just poke holes in the shape of a star, or draw a star and let the light glow from behind it.

Safety Note: Use only LED lights because they burn much cooler.

Star Night-Light Idea

nightlightI saw this "heart" night light idea where someone had glued a shape to a night light's plastic cover and immediately wondered about how to make and glue a foil covered star with a message on it. Perhaps add tinsel streamers hanging beneath it to glow when the night light was turned on. 

Inexpensive night lights can be bought in bulk. Many come with dawn to dusk sensors.


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