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Reply to "Stewardship & Gratitude Lesson Ideas"

Here are a couple of resources that I have used for stewardship teaching:

  • The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau Scholastic Press isbn 0-439-30910-7 (NOTE: this is not a “Christian” book per se, but is a wonderful story about selfishness, unconditional love, and giving)
  • Teaching kids to care and share Abingdon Press isbn 0-6870-8428-8
  • The Big Book of Presbyterian Stewardship by Elaine Barnett published by Geneva Press isbn 0-664-50157-5
  • Hands-On Service Ideas for Children’s Ministry published by Group isbn 0-7644-2040-2
  • Family Serve Volunteer Opportunities for Families by Mary Thoele published by Quality Life Resources isbn 1-931380-01-5
  • Giving Together A Stewardship Guide for Families by Carol Wehrheim available from Westminster John Knox Press isbn 0-664-22689-2
  • The Table Where Rich People Sit Byrd Baylor isbn 0-689-82008-9
  • The Doggy Dung Disaster and Other True Stories Garth Sundeen isbn 13-978-1-57542-9
  • Stewardship: The Foundation for Reflecting God, by Karyn Henley, Standard Publishing, 2002, 9780784713686 (now out of print). 13-week course about stewardship, includes small group discovery centers and large group discussions as well as activities to help kids use their time, talents and possessions as servants of God. Ages 8-11.
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