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Some thoughts about what stewardship is and isn't...

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Seven Signs You Are Not Serious About Teaching Stewardship

  1. You make it primarily about collecting and giving money. 
  2. You make it primarily about what the church is doing.  
  3. Your church and classroom do not practice good stewardship of resources.
  4. You do not address all facets of a person's life as places where stewardship can be exercised.
  5. You are not teaching money and time management disciplines.
  6. You teach stewardship as a seasonal lesson instead of a year-round daily lifestyle.
  7. Your own life is sorely lacking in examples of good stewardship.

Stewardship of what?

  1. Stewardship of your faith -- building your response to the world on rock rather than sand.
  2. Stewardship of Creation, ...environment, Creation-friendly practices, advocating, 
  3. Stewardship of our bodies, as a gift to be cared for, what you fill your mind with.
  4. Stewardship of our talents and spiritual gifts, identifying, nurturing, channeling.
  5. Stewardship of your time and priorities, n...ot wasting time, rest, work, play, service
  6. Stewardship of our relationships with other people, ...caring, empathy, justice
  7. Stewardship of money and possessions, ...the purpose of work and sharing of rewards.
  8. Stewardship of ________________.

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship = Responding to God's love by caring for what God has given us

Stewardship = A heart of selflessness and generosity.

Stewardship = A hopeful, optimistic faith that looks to solve the world's problems rather than retreat from them.

Stewardship = Leading an exemplary life that encourages others to do the same.

Stewardship = Recognizing how you are contributing to problems and making changes.

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