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What's in the Bible? DVD #10 is all about Jesus. It includes 'why' and 'when' Jesus came, and how his story fits into the story of the Old Testament.
The DVD cover for What's in the Bible volume 10

In Part 1 of the DVD #10, Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 6 have some very good material about:

  • WHY a Messiah was needed
  • WHY it took so long
  • WHAT was happening in the world that made the TIMING RIGHT  

Total run time of these four chapters = about 20 minutes.

My estimated age range for these particular chapters: Age 6+ to 13.


Supporting Members: We have a complete outline to DVD 10 and all the other DVDs in this series over in our Bible Video Outlines Collection.

Excerpts from a Teacher's Guide to What's in the Bible? DVD #10

Chapter 1: Old Testament Recap

  • Michael in the car (funny, and actually pretty deep!)

  • Theme Song

  • Buck and Phil begin the OT Recap "What have we learned from the OT?" (A good question to ask your kids.) "The OT is like a story without an ending."

  • "Why did God wait so long?" Pastor Bob and Church Lady explain the "fullness of time." Good section!

Chapter 2: Spread a Blessing

  • Sunday School Lady and others continue to explain the gap between Testaments and why God waited.

  • Alexander the Great changes the Middle East. How the Roman Empire took over and built roads. (You might want to skip these parts for young children.)

  • "Pax Romana" How the Peace of Rome helped spread the blessing. Song. (Interesting)

Chapter 3: Four Jewish Groups

  • What were the Jews doing while they waited for the Messiah?

  • Pirates Guide to Jewish History: Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, Essene

Chapter 6: "The Whole Picture"  (Neil notes: A Very Good Summary. Not to be missed.)

  • The story told in the OT help us understand the NT

  • The OT told us about sin, how we are broken. We learned God wants to save us, God wants us to live. The NT is the fulfillment of those promises.

  • "Promises, Promises" ("...the answer is in Jesus")

  • Phil ends with good questions: "How could one man Jesus solve the huge problem of the sinful world? What makes Jesus the most important person who ever lived?"


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